Student Involvement

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International student groups

A number of student organizations serve Northwestern's international community.

  • International Student Association (ISA) promotes interaction among students from different cultural and religious backgrounds, serves as a platform for the international student community at Northwestern to voice their opinions and concerns, encourages campus-wide dialogue on global issues, cultural diversity, and international student rights and interests at Northwestern University, and assists international students in their transition to a new surrounding.
  • Graduate International Student Association (G-ISA) aims to to foster greater cross-cultural understanding by promoting interaction, providing information and ensuring inclusion for and by the graduate international community of Northwestern University.
  • Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA) maintains a vibrant Chinese community in Northwestern University, offers opportunities to expand social network, and organizes attractive activities to celebrate traditional Chinese festivals.
  • Graduate Student Association for Latino and Spanish Activities (G-SALSA) was founded with the purpose of providing an  environment where students can meet and interact with other students to celebrate Hispanic and Latin American Heritage.
  • Indian Graduate Students and Scholars Association (IGSSA) increases the awareness of Indians on campus and in the Chicago community, to preserves the rich cultural heritage of India, ensures a homey atmosphere for Indian students living away from home, and unites Indians and people of other races by celebrating and learning from diversity.
  • Northwestern University Postdoctoral Forum (NUPF) is an organization focused on creating a community among Northwestern University (NU) postdocs across all disciplines, while sharing postdoc-specific resources for career and personal development. NUPF works to build partnerships and increase inter-departmental communications, creating an open forum for all postdoctoral fellows to address the needs of their community.

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