TN Extension

TN status can be renewed for an indefinite period (in up to 3 year increments) as long as the original terms of employment still exist. 

Once the IO files an extension and gets a receipt notice, the beneficiary is eligible to continue employment without a gap.

Ways to extend TN status

There are two ways to extend TN status:

1. Travel to Canada/Mexico and re-enter again in TN status (recommended option)

A TN employee can be extend his or her status by departing and re-entering the U.S. This will include submitting a TN Visa Request Form and an employment letter to the International Office. Read more about the requirements for this letter.

2.  Apply for a TN extension within the U.S.

Applying for a TN extension within the U.S. requires 3-4 months for USCIS approval.  All requests must be made to the IO four months prior to the current expiration date of the TN.

Please follow these steps: 

  1. The TN employee should initiate this process with the Host Department
  2. Host Department should email IO advisor with all of the documents required for the initial TN request
  3. Host Department must also submit appropriate petition fee for Form I-129
  4. IO will review for accuracy and completeness. If complete, IO will file form I-129 with USCIS.
  5. IO will receive receipt notice and forward it to the department.
  6. The IO will receive the Approval Notice from USCIS once processed. Note: processing time varies, but it usually takes three months.
  7. IO will notify the beneficiary, the host department, and payroll.

Extending dependent status

  • If the principal TN seeks readmission through travel outside the U.S., then the TD must accompany the principal to gain status.
  • To maintain status in the U.S., the TD must file for an extension with the principal TN by filing form I-539 along with the Form I-129 petition.