Campus Inclusion and Community Mailing Lists

Campus Inclusion and Community is comprised of Student Enrichment Services, Social Justice Education, and Multicultural Student Affairs. Each of these three areas manages their own mailing lists in an effort to keep students up to date on services and events that may be of interest to them. Below are descriptions of each of the three department mailing lists as well as a form at the end to sign up for the mailing lists that interest you. 

Student Enrichment Services

Student Enrichment Services sends out information on department events, large campus-wide events, and information on free or reduced tickets that may be available for fee-based events. 

Student Enrichment Services does not have a regular mailing list and only sends out information as it becomes available. 

Social Justice Education 

Social Justice Education sends out regular quarterly newsletters that contain information about the department's upcoming programming and opportunities as well as information about dialogue groups and facilitation training opportunities. 

Multicultural Student Affairs 

Multicultural Student Affairs sends out a regular weekly email that contains information about department programming and campus-wide opportunities. 

Multicultural student affairs also maintains a number of different lists, including

  • Multicultural Student Affairs
  • Hispanic/Latinx Student Affairs
  • Asian American Student Affairs
  • African American Student Affairs
  • Friends of MSA

If you are intersted in joining a content-based mailing list through MSA, please contact them directly at To join their "Friends of MSA" general mailing list, please proceed with the form below. 

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