NorthWEstern WILL Initiatives

CONNECT  to Professional Development and Engagement

One of the key goals of NorthWEstern WILL is to encourage and enable employees to contribute to the education and research missions of the University and to learn and advance in their individual careers. The NorthWEstern WILL Initiatives are a bold new step in Workplace Learning to enhance the implementation of WE WILL.

Each of these initiatives will augment the University's ongoing efforts to make Northwestern a great place to work and grow your career. Employees will have the opportunity to increase their capacity and influence at the University in the following ways:

  • Discover new talents and develop leadership skills.
  • Integrate knowledge into everyday workplace responsibilities.
  • Connect with the University's large and diverse community to share ideas and insights.
  • Engage more fully in both current and future roles at Northwestern.

Below are links to more information about each of the four initiatives, including how to get yourself, your colleagues, and your direct reports involved. Learning & Organization Development, in partnership with the Workplace Learning Council, is delighted to facilitate the NorthWEstern WILL Initiatives. We look forward to working with the Northwestern community in these exciting programs.

Funding for these initiatives is provided by the Catalyst Workgroup.

Career Development System
Community Building
Leadership Fundamentals
Staff Leadership