Lead Others

The Lead Others – Manager Leadership Series offers managers the knowledge, skills, and practical tools they need to engage and develop their teams to deliver breakthrough results. Managers and project leaders will also gain the knowledge, skills, and practical tools they need to drive innovation through strategic networking and influence, project management, and models for change.

The Lead Others Series focuses on how to:

  • hire outstanding employees and minimize bias
  • set expectations and deliver powerful feedback
  • develop employees through delegation and coaching
  • enhance accountability and ensure execution aligned with strategy
  • create a team culture that values and leverages diversity
  • build strategic networks that strengthen influence
  • transform perspectives and gain commitment to take action
  • activate evidence-based levers to catalyze and maintain change and innovation
  • strategically manage your own and your team’s portfolio of project work

Historically, this series grows out of and expands on the Leadership and Management Series.

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