Tips for Managers

Implementing a Flexible Work Arrangement
  • Consult with your HR business partner and/or the Office of Work/Life & Family Resources at 847-491-3612 for assistance.
  • Start slow and focus on business needs.
  • Be clear with your staff that you want to pilot an arrangement to start. Set a date to re-evaluate whether the arrangement is meeting the business needs.
  • Set measureable work goals. Focus on results.
  • Plan for core hours when you expect the staff member to be in the office. For example, you might want the individual present for regular staff meetings or certain client meetings.
  • As a manager, you may need to communicate more often with your team when some of the members are using a flex option.
  • Consider what technology needs the staff member may have, as well as any associated costs.
Remember, that there is no one solution that will work for everyone. Today’s workforce is diverse and has different needs. Don’t assume that if you grant one employee a flex option that each of the employees will want the same one.