Tips for Employees

Flexible Work Arrangements 

If you are considering a flexible work arrangement, here are some helpful suggestions:

  • Consider the type of flexible work arrangement that might work best for your particular situation and the needs of your work area.
  • Discuss your interest in such an arrangement with your supervisor.
  • Consult with the Office of Work/Life & Family Resources or your HR Business Partner for advice or suggestions.
  • Think about the impact that this type of arrangement might have on your work and your co-workers. In some cases you may want to discuss this with them.
  • Talk with others who are currently working a flexible schedule. Seek their input about potential considerations.
  • Once you have done your research, prepare a proposal to submit to your supervisor. Include:
    • The type of arrangement you are requesting (include days, hours, etc.).
    • Details about how you will meet your work goals.
    • Any adjustments that will need to be made.
    • A date to evaluate the arrangement. Pilot the program for a specific period of time.
    • Criteria that will be used to evaluate whether this arrangement is working.