Nannyshare Network

Are You Interested in Sharing a Nanny?

If you are interested in having a nanny care for your child(ren) but are reluctant due to the expense, you might consider sharing a nanny with another Northwestern family.

Through the Nannyshare Program, the Office of Work/Life & Family Resources helps families network so that they can explore whether this creative child care arrangement might be a good option.

How it Works

To create a successful shared arrangement, you will need to find a compatible family and then together negotiate an agreement with a caregiver to ensure that everyone's needs are met.

Getting Started

1. Create a Nanny Job Description

  • Define qualifications for your nanny. 
  • Outline the duties you expect your nanny to perform. 
  • Consider the benefits you will offer (vacation, personal time). 
  • Determine the hours and days you will need care.
  • Decide the maximum amount you can budget for care. 
2. Join the List 3. Find a Compatible Family
  • After you submit your form, you will receive a list of Nannyshare participants.
  • Contact families whom you feel would be a good match for you.
  • Start with a phone conversation. Discuss your childcare philosophy and care needs.
  • Set up a meeting to discuss your ideal arrangement.

4. Explore a Nannyshare Arrangement

Some issues to consider:

  • How will daily household expenses, food, etc. be covered?
  • What kinds of baby proofing, safety precautions are in place?
  • Who will transport children and how?
  • How will family and caregiver vacations be handled?
  • What will happen when one of the children is ill?
  • What kinds of discipline/teaching philosophy are you most comfortable with?
  • What will the daily schedule of activities be?
  • Are there any activities, such as television, that are restricted?
  • Will the environment be a smoking or non-smoking one?
5. Find a Nanny
  • Contact Action for Children, the NU resource and referral service, to help you find a nanny placement agency. Call 773-356-8135.
  • The service can provide you with literature to guide you through the process of hiring and managing expectations of your in-home caregiver.
  • Register for a free account by following the prompts in myHR. offers access to thousands of pre-screened caregivers throughout the Chicago area.

6. Removal from the List

  • When you settle on an arrangement, please send an email to so that your name can be removed from the Nannyshare list.
  • Include any feedback about the program in your email.