Moving Expenses

 Important Annoucement:

Effective 2018, all moving expense paid by an Employer are taxable and are required to be included as taxable income on the employee’s W-2. This includes all moving reimbursements and payments made directly to third party vendors.  This change was a part of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, a new tax law, which went into effect in early 2018. As a result, all moving expense reimbursements received by an employee on or after 1st January 2018 must be taxed as soon as they are reimbursed.

For Department Administrators:

  • Submit the completed Employee Moving Expense Form to (email address) for moving reimbursements paid through Accounts Payable. The IRS requires employers to tax reimbursements as soon as the employee receives the reimbursement.
  • Please notify the Employee that they should expect to see the full amount taxed in the next monthly paycheck as long as the Employee Moving Expense Form was submitted by the 15thof the month. All moving expense forms should be submitted to payroll in tandem with the reimbursement through Accounts Payable and cannot be held for the end of the year.

Note: This is applicable for household moves only.  Business office or lab moves, are business related, and not taxable/reportable.