1042-S Information

1042-S Information for Nonresident Aliens

Form 1042-S is created for anyone considered a nonresident alien for US tax purposes who received payments from the University for fellowship/scholarship, independent contracted services, or royalties as well as anyone with a benefit under a tax treaty with their resident country.

  • This year all 1042-S forms will be sent to the local address for any active employees or students and to the foreign address for anyone who has since left the University.
  • The Social Security Administration and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) compares your Social Security Name (listed on your Social Security Card) with the name that is reported on the 1042-S Form. For each mismatch, they will fine the University.
  • If you change your name at the Social Security Administration, you must change your name in the Human Resources Information System (HRIS). You can do this by submitting a Personal Data Form with a copy of your new Social Security Card to the Payroll Office.

Information Included on Form 1042-S

Income Code (Box 1)

  • This code indicates the source of the payment with a key to the different codes on the back of the 1042-S.
  • Common codes are 10 or 12 for royalties, 15 for scholarships and fellowships, 16 for independent contracted services, 18 for teaching and researching, 19 for studying and training, and 50 for other such as prizes and awards.

Gross Income (Box 2)

  • This is the gross amount that was paid for this income type. This may be the total of what was paid for this income type or it may be only the part exempted by treaty with the rest reported on form W-2.
  • You may also have other earnings reported on form W-2.

Tax Rate (Box 5)

  • This is the rate of tax withheld from your gross income.

Exempt. Code (Box 6)

  • If your gross income is exempted by a tax treaty, you will see 04 in this box and the tax rate will be 0.00.
  • If you were not eligible for a treaty or did not apply for one with us, you will see 00.

US Federal Tax Withheld (Box 7)

  • This is the amount of tax withheld from your gross income and will be the result of the gross income multiplied by the tax rate.
  • You may have additional tax as well as gross income reported on form W-2.

Recipient’s US TIN (Box 14)

  • This is your Social Security Number (SSN).  
  • In some cases this may be your Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN) if you were not eligible for an SSN.

Name of State (Box 24)

  • This shows the state of Illinois, where your wages are also being reported.
  • You may be required to file a tax return with the state of Illinois as well as with the IRS.

Mailing of 1042-S

  • Your 1042-S Forms will be in the mail by March 15.
  • If you have any questions, please call the Payroll Department on the Evanston campus at (847) 491-7362 or on the Chicago campus at (312) 503-9700.