Graystone Recruitment Advertising

Northwestern University Human Resources has partnered with Graystone Group Advertising to offer a more efficient and comprehensive way to recruit diverse and qualified staff for your open positions.  Graystone Group is available to support all your recruitment advertising needs through every type of media, including all discipline and trade sources for both print and the Internet.

How Does it Work?

Adding Destinations When Creating a Job Opening

The easiest way to engage Graystone is during the job opening creation process in eRecruit.  Faculty and staff Data Coordinators will see a new section on the "Job Posting" tab when creating an opening, and may enter preliminary advertising information at that time:


Select the Search Icon icon and enter any advertising Destination you wish to post to, along with additional contact and billing information; a Graystone representative will follow up with you within 24 hours with a quote.  Multiple destinations may be added for the same opening. 

Adding Destinations After the Job Opening is Submitted

Posting destinations may be added, edited, or removed -- even after the job opening has been submitted or posted.  The original Data Coordinator, as well as any Hiring Manager or Authorizer on the posting, will have the ability to make these changes.  Simply open the job (from the "Review Job Openings/Applicants" page), select the "Job Opening Details" tab, the "Job Posting" tab, and click the Job Title.  Add or edit any information as required; your updates will be sent overnight to Graystone, and a representative will follow up with you within 24 hours.

Contact Graystone Directly

You also may contact Graystone Group directly at any time regarding your job advertising -- simply submit a Word document with your ad content and requested posting destinations to  Graystone will contact you with a quote in 24 hours -- or faster, if your deadline is immediate.

What Are the Benefits?

  • All media is consolidated into a single invoice.
  • Invoice amount is the exact amount approved.
  • Cost is the same as working directly with the media.
  • No charge for design, consultation, and editing.
  • You only pay for ads you have approved for placement.
  • There are no charges for quotes or for ads not placed.

Frequently Asked Questions

These questions are intended to address common concerns.  For complete documentation of how to enter your advertising information during the eRecruit Job Opening process, please refer to the instructions for Staff Data Coordinators or Faculty Data Coordinators.

How can I enter posting destinations in eRecruit?

When creating your job opening, click the "Job Posting" tab and then click the underlined Job Title.

If your opening has already been submitted or posted, open the job via the "Review Job Openings/Applicants" link; click the "Job Opening Details" tab, the "Job Posting" tab, and then click the underlined Job Title. The opening's Data Coordinator, Hiring Manager, and Authorizer each have access to add or edit posting information at any time until the opening is canceled, closed, or denied.

What posting destinations are offered by Graystone?

Over 7,000 print and electronic advertising destinations are offered, including most trade and discipline sources. When adding destinations, use the Search Icon search button to review and search all sources.

Am I committed to pay for all destinations that I enter on the Job Opening?

No! A Graystone representative will contact you with a quote, and you will pay only for the specific destinations that you approve for posting.

How are payments processed?

After you receive a quote and approve postings, Graystone will handle all details including paying the media. You will then receive one invoice from Graystone for all approved postings; this invoice can be paid like any other invoice through NUFinancials.

If payments are processed manually in NUFinancials, why does eRecruit ask for my chart string?

Your chart string will not be billed directly; however, the information you provide will be printed on the invoice that is prepared and sent by Graystone. The availability of that information will assist departments in which ads may be placed and approved by someone other than the indiviudual processing the payment.

How long will my opening be posted at the specified destinations?

If you do not provide a specific "Remove Date", your jobs will remain posted until your opening is marked Filled/Closed, placed on Hold, or removed from the NU Careers website.

To remove your posting from a desitination early, simply add or change the "Remove Date" in eRecruit. That information will be sent directly to Graystone overnight, and a representative will contact you if necessary.

Who to Contact

You may always reach out to your HR Staffing Consultant for questions regarding Graystone advertising, or for assistance adding or removing destinations.

Departments are also encouraged to contact Northwestern's Graystone representative directly:
Bob Sheftic
Toll Free Phone: 1-800-544-0005