Unpaid Interns and Volunteers

Northwestern supports the use of Interns and Volunteers within departments/units. Hiring managers or their Department/Business Administrators must consult with the Office of Human Resources to determine if an individual meets the requirements and qualifies as an Intern or Volunteer. There are guidelines and criteria that have been established to outline the instances in which an individual may "Intern" or "Volunteer" at Northwestern rather than be considered an "employee." Here are some examples of Intern and Volunteer arrangements. View more detail and instruction on our Bringing in an Intern or Volunteer page.

Internships are unpaid and require an Intern and Volunteer Intake Form to be completed and submitted to the Office of Human Resources. If you are considering bringing in a paid intern, you may contact the Temporary Staffing Center to discuss hiring the individual as a temporary employee. 

Please note that Postdoctoral Fellows cannot be employed as Interns or Volunteers. Northwestern has a separate policy and process for the employment of Postdoctoral Fellows.