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Northwestern prepares new employees to begin their career with the University with the onboarding process. Northwestern’s onboarding process is guided by six well-researched and proven-effective principles.

New Employee Onboarding Checklist

As part of your new employee's onboarding, the Onboarding Checklist provides a comprehensive roadmap of to-do items and specific resources for new regular staff employees and is designed to assist with the department’s orientation process. The checklist is organized chronologically and helps hiring managers prepare for the arrival of new employees. The hiring manager may add additional activities that are relevant to the new employee’s area. 

There is a six-month probationary period when an individual starts in a new position. This includes those who are transferring positions at Northwestern, in addition to those who are new to Northwestern. For more information, click here.

Obtaining a NetID for New Employees

The NetID Automation process allows new employees the ability to activate their NetID from their own computer, up to 90 days before their Northwestern official hire date. The Staffing Consultant coordinates the process for requesting a NetID for new hire regular staff employees.

NetIDs are generally not issued to Interns and/or Volunteers because they are not processed through Payroll. However, if you would like to request one, please have the department supervisor or Department/ Business Administrator send an email to Northwestern University Information Technology (NUIT) at consultant@northwestern.edu requesting a NetID. In the email, please be sure to include a chart string number (as there is a fee associated with this service) and the Intern’s or Volunteer’s personal data form.

Generally, NetIDs for Postdoctoral Fellows and Research Associates are coordinated by the department NetID coordinator or the Department/ Business Administrator. In the Feinberg School of Medicine, NetIDs for Postdoctoral Fellows and Research Associates are coordinated by the Faculty Affairs Office.

NetIDs for temporary employees are coordinated by the Temporary Staffing Center.

Administrative Systems Access

Refer to the Administrative Systems Access webpage to find key information about Northwestern's major administrative and business systems, including how to request access.

Evanston & Chicago Campus Parking

Contact the Department/ Business Administrator in your area to discuss parking options for new hire employees.

The University WildCARD

New employees are issued a WildCARD which is Northwestern’s official photo identification card. The WildCARD can be used to gain access to University buildings, shuttles, and events; to purchase food through vending machines or the University meal plan; and much more. U.S. Bank checking account holders can also use their cards as ATM/debit cards. You will need to partner with the Department/Business Administrator for specific building access that the employee may need.

Please Note: Employees who work in certain departments and schools may need access to areas that will require another identification badge (as one example, Northwestern Memorial Hospital). The manager will need to work with the Department/ Business Administrator to acquire any additional identification badges for the employee.

E-Verify Instructions for New Hires

Northwestern participates in the E-Verify process for new hire employees. The Section 1 of the Form I-9 may be completed once the new employee has accepted the job offer, but no later than their first day of employment. On the new employee’s first day, but no later than the third day, he/she will need to bring original documentation to verify their eligibility to work in the U.S. The new employee will need to visit the Northwestern I-9 Service Center at: https://northwestern.i9servicecenter.com to complete the process. For more information view our E-Verify training pages.

Foreign Nationals

Refer to the Foreign National web page for information on paperwork that must be completed for foreign nationals who receive payroll payments from Northwestern. Complete this form to request access to FNIS.

Staff Handbook Attestation

All employees (including Postdoctoral Fellows, Research Associates, and Faculty Librarians) are required to attest within the Self Service Portal that they have received the Staff Handbook. The confirmation of receipt will be retained by the University.

Please note, temporary employees are required to attest that they have received the Temporary Handbook.

Acknowledgement of Mandated Reporter Status

The protection of minors (any person under the age of 18 years), especially from physical or sexual abuse, is a core value of Northwestern. Every member of the community has an obligation to comply with Northwestern’s policy. New employees must electronically complete the Acknowledgement of Mandated Reporter Status form in the FASIS Self-Service Portal to acknowledge their status as a mandated reporter.

Online Course for Preventing Sexual Misconduct

All employees are required complete the online course for preventing sexual misconduct. Newly hired employees should complete this course within 30 days of being hired and can access the course at http://www.northwestern.edu/sexual-misconduct/prevention/online-educational-course.html.

Pay Date Schedule and Due Dates for Payroll Forms

Refer to the Paydates and Cut-Off Schedules for the pay date schedule and dates by which monthly and bi-weekly forms must be received in Payroll in order to be processed for the following pay date.

Onboarding of Postdoctoral Fellows

The Office of Postdoctoral Affairs (OPA) is a central resource for postdoctoral training at Northwestern. The OPA works with Northwestern postdocs, faculty members and administrators to provide access to professional, career development resources and mentoring, build a strong and interactive postdoctoral community, and advise on postdoctoral training policies and guidelines.