Hiring & Managing Staff at Northwestern

This website provides information and guidance on the applicable policies, procedures, and resources available to support managers in hiring and managing the following people at Northwestern:

  • Staff members: Staff members include executive, managerial, administrative, professional, research staff, technical, maintenance, and clerical positions. Staff members are organized into several broad categories in FASIS (Northwestern’s HR information system), such as exempt (EXS), non-exempt (NEX), information technology (ITS), and research (RES).
  • Temporary employees: Employees hired for occasional or casual employment who work for Northwestern less than 1,000 hours in a 12 month period.
  • Research Visitors: To facilitate research activity at Northwestern University, the Office for Research provides visiting appointments, of defined duration, to enable individuals to learn research techniques and processes, use specialized facilities and/or collaborate with faculty or other principal investigators.
  • Interns/ Volunteers: Individuals (who are not employees) who donate their time and services to Northwestern. Individuals must meet the criteria outlined under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) to qualify as an Intern or Volunteer.

These resources are not necessarily applicable for hiring and managing faculty, librarians, and students.

Hiring Onboarding
Off-boarding Managing Performance

The sections below highlight the ways HR partners with you in hiring and managing staff.


  • Your Staffing Consultant is accountable for delivering strategic and consultative staffing and recruitment services of regular staff. (This excludes the hiring of research staff such as Postdoctoral Fellows and Research Associates; more information on recruiting for these types of positions can be found under Hiring Research Staff.
  • The Temporary Staffing Center can assist you with the recruitment and onboarding of contingent (temporary) workers.
  • The FASIS (Faculty and Staff Information System) training team provides eRecruit training courses on both the Evanston and Chicago campuses, which provide system access and instruction for submitting job openings and managing applicants. Additional one-on-one service is provided at weekly open labs on each campus.


  • Your Staffing Consultant or Temporary Staffing Consultant will partner with you to onboard your new regular staff member or contingent (temporary) worker.

Managing Performance

  • Your HR Consultant/ Business Partner can assist you with development of people strategies that support your unit's business needs, interpretation of HR policies and procedures, and recommendations for individual employee relations matters.
  • Work/Life & Family Resources provides programs and services that help faculty and staff at all stages of life with effectively managing their work and personal responsibilities. Work/Life offers assistance, advice, and connections for faculty and staff who are navigating relocation, want to learn about schools and childcare, and much more.


  • Your HR Consultant/ Business Partner conducts exit interviews with regular staff members who are leaving Northwestern.

If at any time you have a question about whom to contact within the Office of Human Resources, visit the Office of Human Resources Division and Staff Directory or call the main HR number at (847) 491-7507 (Evanston) or (312) 503-8481 (Chicago).

As a hiring manager, your School and Department/ Business Administrator can also provide critical support to you as you hire and manage others at Northwestern.