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Temporary/Contractor Requests

Temporary/contractor request process

(Guidance updated 3/25/20)

Requests for student temporary workers, non-student temporary workers, independent contractors and contractors through 3rd party staffing agencies need to flow through the Position Management Process before work is performed.

The process comprises a school/unit review, followed by central review by the Position Approval Committee. HR Compensation review is also required, prior to submission to the Position Approval Committee, for Independent Contractor requests for new vendors.

Completing the Temporary/Contractor Request Form for non-students or the Temporary Student Request Form for students is the first step in the process. Follow the instructions on the form to complete the submission process.

It is recommended you consult with your Department/Business Administrator to familiarize yourself with the internal review process that has been established for your school or unit. Effective October 31, 2018 the Dean/Vice President can nominate a delegate to approve on his/her behalf. A delegate must be a direct report of the Dean/Vice President and/or be able to evaluate requests for both annual budget and strategic alignment. To appoint a delegate, a delegation of authority memo, signed by the Dean/Vice President, should be submitted to the Position Approval Committee.


The Position Approval Committee reviews requests on a weekly basis with an expected turnaround time of 10 business days. Once a decision is made, it will be communicated to the relevant school/unit leader, and anyone copied on the original submission.

Exemptions & Exclusions

(Guidance updated 3/25/20)

This process applies to all temporary and contractor needs, with one exception:

The process does not apply to: