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Job Families

HR-Compensation is partnering with various schools/departments throughout NU to create job families in response to requests for clearer definition, differentiation, and clarification of jobs, job evaluation, and salary grade assignment. Each job family developed has resulted in:

Instructions for using a job family matrix

  1. Open the file with the summarized matrix.
  2. Determine the level of job that is needed based upon the duties, responsibilities, skills, education and experience.
  3. Please note that the incumbent need not complete ALL of the duties/responsibilities listed. If the incumbent completes approximately 80% of the listed duties/responsibilities, then the job is a "match".
  4. You may wish to double check the salary range of the level that you choose in order to ensure that it is within your budget.
  5. Request a copy of the corresponding standard job description from your Compensation Consultant.
  6. Enter in the demographic information at the top of the job description.
  7. Enter in the “%” column. If the job will NOT complete an entire row in regard to duties/ responsibilities, type in 0% in % column. The row will be entirely deleted when entered into FASIS.
  8. Complete page 4 eRecruit information if this is a new position that will be posted.
  9. Please do not change any of the standard wording on these job descriptions. If the incumbent will be completing additional duties/responsibilities that cannot be captured within the wording given, add those as a bullet point beneath the closest standard duty/ responsibility.
  10. Once completed, please e-mail the job description to your Compensation Consultant for review and processing.
  11. Specific for the Research Technologist Job Family Matrix: On the actual job descriptions, have the Manager/PI highlight the necessary skills in #1 Principal Accountabilities.

Completed NU job families