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Changes and Enhancements

What do I need to be prepared for?  How life-changing will this be?  


You've come to the right place!  In addition to regular updates at our Open Forum Sessions, this list contains all changes you can expect from the system.  We'll keep this up-to-date as the project progresses based on your feedback and end-user impacts.

In Short: Timekeeping is timekeeping, and time management at Northwestern is fairly straightforward.  You'll see updates to enhance or streamline processes where Kronos currently lacks, a slightly more modern interface, and clarification on some policies.

(Last Updated: October 12, 2021)


The current version of Kronos in use at Northwestern is dated, out of support, and retrofitted to accomplish things it was never designed to do.

As a more modern system, Workforce Software will improve over Kronos in the following areas:

  • Simplified web access with no Java or VPN required
  • Login using Northwestern's Single Sign-On
  • Mobile access to view time off and approve timecards
  • Better handing for multi-job temps, including student workers
  • Easier processing of retroactive timecard changes (i.e. Historical Edits)
  • More robust informational, warning, and error messages to provide important notices to employees and approvers
  • Better visibility and reporting for time off accruals, time usage, and more

With the implementation of new software comes the ability to streamline current workarounds. The following processes will be enhanced as part of this project:

  • Management of Temp Sick Time (accrual, usage, and approval) will move from myHR into the timekeeping system
  • The current concept of Backup Approvers will be enhanced with a new timecard delegation feature, available to all managers directly within timekeeping
  • Enhanced security for Super Users (e.g. school administrators, central offices) will allow for easier access to large groups of employees