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Query Expression Filter

myHR Administration Advanced Query users can use this process in query to match results to a long list of values (such as EmplIDs, Position Numbers, DeptIDs, Project IDs, and more). This page can also be used to reformat a list of values for use in the BI Employee Search Report and any myHR Administration page search.  For assistance, please contact Chris Tondini at

Type of Output to Create:

Enter values to create a query expression filter.
List of Values to Match:
(1 per line; no quotes or apostrophes)

Table Letter and Field Name to Match:
(see the "Query" tab in Query Manager)


Should your results match or exclude these values?

      Clear All Values

What to do Next:

  1. Go to the EXPRESSIONS tab, and choose "Add Expression."
  2. Copy and paste the exact Expression above, and click "OK." (Expression Type and Length can remain at the default "Character" and "1" values.)
  3. In the Expressions list, click the Funnel icon next to the expression that was just added to "Add Criteria."
  4. Leave the Condition Type "Equal To"
  5. In the bottom half of the criteria, select "Constant" and enter "1".
  6. Click OK to save the criteria!
  1. Open the Employee Search Report in the BI Reporting tool.
  2. At the top of the first page of prompts, choose "Employee Search" and click the "Select and Click to Reprompt" button.
  3. Copy and paste the exact list above into the "Keyword" box at the bottom of the page.
  4. Click "Options" and select "Contains any of these keywords."
  5. Click "Search."
  6. Under the Results box, click "Select All" and "Insert". Add any other prompts as necessary and run your report!
  1. Navigate to the search screen on any page in myHR and locate the field you are searching on (e.g. EmplID).
  2. Using the drop-down box for that field, change the operator to "in".
  3. Copy and paste the exact list above into the search field, and click "Search".
  4. Results for each record will be displayed. Click the first one, and use the page's "Next in List" button to navigate through all records without the need to re-search.