Where to Get Advice and Help

Office of Equal Opportunity and Access

(discrimination and harassment complaints)
1800 Sherman Ave., Suite 4500, Evanston

University Sexual Harassment Prevention Office
Dwight Hamilton, Title IX Coordinator
1800 Sherman Ave., Suite 4500, Evanston

(For complaints involving students)
Amanda DaSilva, Deputy Title IX Coordinator for students
1800 Sherman Ave., Suite 4500, Evanston

Department of Athletics and Recreation
Janna Blais, Associate Athletic Director and Deputy Title IX Coordinator for athletics compliance issues
1501 Central Street
Evanston Campus
(847) 491-7893

Discrimination and Harassment Prevention Advisors   

In addition to the people listed above, each school or unit of the University has advisors on the faculty or staff who have been trained to answer questions about the University's discrimination and harassment policies and to receive complaints. To find an Advisor, please visit our Discrimmination and Harassment page.

Confidential Counselors

If you wish to speak with someone who is legally privileged to keep communications confidential, you may contact a confidential counselor. After consulting with a confidential counselor, you may decide to take no further action; such a decision is completely within your discretion. Because of the confidential nature of the counselor/patient relationship, seeking advice from a confidential counselor does not constitute reporting an incident.  To find a confidential counselor, please visit our Talk to a Confidential Counselor page.  


EthicsPoint provides another means of reporting discrimination, harassment, and sexual harassment.  You may file a report online or by phone at 866-294-3545. Any complaints reported via EthicsPoint will be reviewed in accordance with current University procedures.