Non-Discrimination Statement

Non-Discrimination Statement

Northwestern University does not discriminate or permit discrimination by any member of its community against
any individual on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender
identity, gender expression, parental status, marital status, age, disability, citizenship status, veteran status, genetic
information, or any other classification protected by law in matters of admissions, employment, housing, or services
or in the educational programs or activities it operates. Harassment, whether verbal, physical, or visual, that is based on any of these characteristics is a form of discrimination.

Northwestern University complies with federal and state laws that prohibit discrimination based on the protected
categories listed above, including Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, which prohibits discrimination
based on sex (including sexual misconduct) in the University’s educational programs and activities. In addition,
Northwestern provides reasonable accommodations to qualified applicants, students, and employees with disabilities
and to individuals who are pregnant.

Any alleged violations of this policy or questions with respect to nondiscrimination or reasonable accommodations
should be directed to Northwestern’s Director of Equal Opportunity and Access and Section 504 Coordinator,
720 University Place, Evanston, Illinois 60208, 847-491-7458,

Any alleged violations of this policy or questions with respect to sexual misconduct or sexual harassment should be
directed to Northwestern’s Title IX Coordinator, 633 Clark Street, Room 2-636, Evanston, Illinois 60608, 847-491-3745,

A person may also file a complaint with the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights regarding an alleged
violation of Title IX by visiting or calling 800-421-3481.