Kronos: Java vs. Non-Java

Why are there two login links for Kronos? Which one should I use?

The Normal/Java Login link provides complete access to Kronos with full functionality, but it is not compatible with Mac, Windows 8, or Android. To use this link, you must have a supported version of Java installed on your computer. (To see a list of supported Java versions, view the main FAQ page.) Even if you do have a supported version of Java, your browser may ask for permission to run Java when you log in.

If you encounter a Java error after logging into Kronos, you may access the system using an alternate Non-Java/Mac Login link. This link provides basic access to enter and approve time, but loses some advanced functionality.

The primary differences in Non-Java functionality include:

  • Comments cannot be entered on a time sheet; requests should be sent to the Kronos Help Desk
  • Supervisors cannot enter Historical Pay; requests should be sent to the Kronos Help Desk
  • Leave time for exempt employees must be entered in hour-decimal format (e.g. "7.5" for one day of vacation or "3.75" for half day, based on your schedule)
  • Leave balances are not available on the time sheet view; to see balances, you must click "My Reports" from the main menu and select "Accrual Balances and Projections." Enter the date for your balance, and click "View Report."

Differences in navigation/display include:

  • Menus are flat links instead of "drop-down" tabs
  • To return to the main menu from any page, you must click the "Home" link in the top right corner of Kronos
  • Supervisors cannot double-click to open a time sheet; instead, you must single-click, and then select "Timecard" in the top left corner

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