Quick Guide to Change Retirement Elections

  1. Access myHR.
  2. Log in using your Net ID and password.
  3. Click the "Benefits" tile, and then select Update My Retirement Elections.
  4. You will see your retirement elections as of the displayed date. Click the Change Retirement Elections button to add or change retirement elections and/or investment selections.
  5. The ‘Review/Change Retirement Elections’ page specifies that any retirement plan or investment selection change will take effect as of the first payroll of the next month. Click Continue to proceed or Cancel.
  6. When you Continue, the ‘Retirement Plan Changes’ page appears. Select the plan you wish to update.
  7. To change your current retirement election, choose the Option and/or Contribution amount. If you wish to change your investment selection, key in the revised Investment Percentage.
  8. Click Continue when you are done with your changes.
  9. A page will display, confirming the elections you have just completed. Click Continue to Select another plan for change or click Validate if you are done with your changes. You may discard your changes by clicking I Have No Changes.
  10. The ‘Submit Changes’ page appears. This will be your final chance to either Cancel the retirement changes you just completed or Submit to finalize your changes.
  11. After submitting your changes, a ‘Retirement Change Confirmation’ page will appear. This page displays your retirement elections, including any changes that you have just submitted. Incorporated within this page is a View/Print Retirement Elections Confirmation Statement link. Click on this link and a new browser window will open to display a ‘CONFIRMATION OF RETIREMENT ELECTIONS’. You can print this Confirmation Statement for your records by clicking on the Print icon shown in the top right area of the page.
    Please Note: This will be your only opportunity to print the Confirmation Statement. Once you leave myHR, the Confirmation Statement will become unavailable.
  12. An automatic email will be sent to your campus email address indicating that you have changed your retirement elections and/or investment selections. You may only change your retirement information once a day. Additional changes may be made the following day.
  13. If you require additional assistance contact retirementsavings@northwestern.edu or call the Benefits Division at (847)491-7513.