eBenefits FAQs

Accessing the Online Benefits Enrollment page:

Using the Benefits Enrollment page

Viewing Your Benefits Information

Updating Your Beneficiaries

Accessing the Online Benefits Enrollment Page

Using the Benefits Enrollment page

  • The page tells me that I have no open benefits enrollment event? What does that mean and what should I do next?

    The message: “You do not have an open benefits enrollment event” means that the Benefits Office has not yet had time to bring your record into the self service system. You can expect to be able to enroll within two days of your Hire Date. If you are seeing this message but it has been more than two days since your Hire, call the Benefits Department at 1-7513.

  • As a newly hired employee, how soon should I do my benefits enrollment?

    You have 31 calendar days from the date of hire during which to complete the enrollment process. To avoid the possibility of retroactive premium deductions, the sooner you can complete your benefits enrollment the better.

  • When will my benefits be effective?

    Your benefits will generally take effect the 1st of the month after the date of hire.

  • What happens if I miss the 31-day window?

    If you miss the 31-day enrollment deadline, you may apply for certain benefits which require the demonstration of good health (EOI) to enroll. The term "EOI" stands for Evidence of Insurability. Sometimes called a statement of good health, this is a form you submit with your enrollment form to apply for insurance coverage. It usually requires a physical or a doctor certification of your good health. The EOI is reviewed by the insurance company and its underwriters to decide whether you are a good risk for coverage. Remember, with an EOI there is always the possibility that you will be denied coverage.

    If you miss the 31-day enrollment deadline and you desire health insurance coverage, your next opportunity to elect health coverage is during the annual fall Open Enrollment period, or within 31 days of a qualifying change in family or employment status.

  • Are there any reminders to submit my benefit elections?

    Approx 15-20 days into the 31 day window, an email reminder will be sent to employees who have not submitted their benefit options by clicking the yellow submit button.

  • What happens if I have made my benefit selections and have not clicked the submit button in the 31 day window?

    If you do not click the submit button within the 31 day time period your choices will delete and go back to the defaults (no coverage for health, etc.). Due to no submission the benefits division would not receive your initial request.

  • What if I change my mind after I’ve completed all of my benefit elections and they have processed?

    You will not be able to make any benefit changes until you either have a qualifying change in family or employment status or the Annual Election period occurs. Annual Election changes are not effective until the first of the next year.

  • I have questions about a specific benefit plan. How can I get additional information?

    For more benefits related information, please visit the Benefits Division home page.

    Benefits counselors are also available for assistance as follows:

    The benefit counselors are located on the Evanston campus and are available for appointments in Evanston every day from 8:30 am - 5:00 pm. Call (847) 491-7513 to make an appointment.

    For Chicago campus employees, a benefits counselor is available every Monday and Friday from 8:30 am until 3:30 pm at the Chicago Human Resources office, Abbott Hall, 710 North Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, IL 60611. Call (312) 503-8481 or (847) 491-7513 to schedule an appointment.

  • Should I use the Back and Forward arrows in my browser to navigate through the panel?

    No. For successful navigation throughout myHR, please use the links provided on the screen. With the exception of the print icon to print a screen page, do not use the buttons in the browser bar.

  • I am enrolling in an HMO Health plan. How do I locate my PCP or Medical Group number?

    You can locate the PCP or Medical Group number by accessing the appropriate website. For detailed instructions, please click on the following link:

  • Do I have to make all my elections during the same online session? Can I do some and then return at another time?

    Yes, as long as you are within the 31 day eligibility window, you may do your online elections during as many online sessions as you wish. Just be sure to not click on the Submit button until you are ready for these elections to be considered final. Once you have submitted, even if it is within the 31-day window, no more changes can be made.

  • Will I receive a confirmation that I entered my benefits?

    A few days after submitting your elections to the Benefits division, you will receive an email notification advising you to verify your benefit selections. You may also use the "My Benefits" link under the "Benefits" tile in myHR to view and verify your benefit plan selections.

  • Are my benefit selections final after I click the yellow Submit button?

    Yes, your benefit selections are final once you click Submit.

  • Will defaults be applied if I don’t actively enroll in benefits?

    Yes. The following defaults will be applied if you don’t actively enroll in benefits.

    • Enrollment in Basic Life with a $50,000 cap
    • Enrollment in Long Term Disability (LTD)
    • Enrollment in the 403(b) Unmatched Retirement Plan - Employer contributes 5%
    • Your participation in all other plans will be waived (including Health Care)

    Please note: Enrollment in the LTD & Basic Retirement plans is effective the month following the accumulation of one year of service and attainment of age 24.

  • I don’t have a computer available to enroll in my benefits online. What should I do?

    There are Benefits division kiosks available on both the Evanston and Chicago campus. The kiosks are available at the following locations:

    On the Evanston campus: 720 University Pl, 2nd floor – Available 9am to 5pm, M-F

    On the Chicago campus: Abbott Hall, 8th floor (710 N. Lake Shore Dr), Rm 850 - Available 9am to 5pm, M-F

  • I am an NMFF member. Do I still enroll in NU benefits online? Do I enroll in NMG benefits online?

    As an NMG member, you will enroll in NU benefits online using myHR, while elections in NMG benefits will continue to be done on paper. Any questions about NMG benefits enrollment should be directed to Cliff Cornelius at 312-695-6514 or email at Cliff.Cornelius@nmff.org.

  • I am enrolling in an HSA (Health Savings Account). Do I enter the employee contribution amount or the employee AND the employer contribution amount in the Annual Pledge field?

    Enter only the EMPLOYEE contribution amount into the Annual Pledge field when enrolling in the HSA plan.

Viewing Your Benefits Enrollment

  • I am a new Hire. When I try to view my benefits, nothing is listed. Why?

    The listed benefits defaults to the current date. If the current date is prior to the effective date of your benefits, you won't see anything. Change the date to the first of the month after your hire date and you will see the benefits in which you've enrolled.

    The effective date is the first of the month following the date of hire or initial benefits eligibility. Effective July 1, 2010, employees hired on the first of the month are eligible for benefits as of the date of hire. Those hired in the middle of the month must still wait until the first of the following month.

    Please note that this rule applies to all health and welfare benefits. The retirement savings plan rules remain as they were previously.

  • I am a new Hire. I have made some of my benefits elections, but not all. I have not yet submitted them online. When I click "My Benefits", I expect to see the benefits I’ve already enrolled in, but they are not showing up. Why?

    "My Benefits" will not display your benefit elections until you have completed all elections and clicked on the Submit button.

  • How do I view my benefits?

    Sign into myHR using your NetID and password. Click the "Benefits" tile, and then select the "My Benefits" link. Enter the effective date of your benefits and then click the yellow Go button.

  • Can I print my benefits summary?

    Yes. From the Internet browser, click File and then click Print.

Updating Your Beneficiaries

  • What is the "Update My Beneficiaries" link used for?

    Employees who are currently eligible and enrolled in Northwestern University sponsored Basic Life and/or Supplemental Term Life insurance may change their beneficiary allocations during the year for these plans using myHR. This online process replaces paper enrollment and update of beneficiaries.

    Employees may change beneficiary allocation amounts as we add new individuals or legal trusts to their lists of beneficiaries in myHR.

  • How do I to get to the beneficiary update page?

    In myHR, go to the "Benefits" tile and select "Update My Beneficiaries". The screen will automatically show who your beneficiaries are as of the display date. You may change the display date to review life insurance beneficiaries at any given date in time.

  • What happens if my beneficiaries pass away before I do?

    If a person you have designated as a beneficiary dies before you do, the money that was allocated to them will go to the Contingent Beneficiary you designated online.

    If all your Primary Beneficiaries have passed away, but you do not have a Contingent Beneficiary,the life insurance benefits will be paid in equal shares to the first surviving relationship class in the following order: your spouse, your children, your parents, your brothers and sisters. If you do not have family members, the benefit will be made payable to your estate.

    Spouse > children > parents > brothers and sisters > estate

    This benefit order may not be your preference so we encourage you to use myHR and designate who you would like to receive benefits in the event of your death.

  • What if I don't want someone to be a beneficiary anymore?

    You can't delete the name of someone who is on your list, but you can reduce their allocation (how much money they will get) to zero. If you have questions about which beneficiaries can and cannot be seen, contact the Benefits Division at 1-7513 or email benficiaryassistance@northwestern.edu.

  • Can I update the beneficiary information for my retirement plans on the same page?

    No. You must contact your retirement plan. You will find links to your investment company by logging in to myHR, clicking the "Benefits" tile, and selecting "Update My Retirement Elections."

    More information is available on the Benefits Retirement page.

  • How do I know my beneficiaries were changed?

    After successfully completing your beneficiary updates in myHR, you may print a confirmation page for your records. You may also access myHR and review the beneficiaries at any given date. In addition, after successfully changing your beneficiaries, you will be sent an auto response email to your campus email address indicating that you have changed your life insurance beneficiaries.

  • What do I do if I am unable to update my beneficiaries online?

    For password reset or if you are having difficulties logging on to myHR, call the IT HELP desk at (847) 491-4357.

    If you have received an error message, please follow the directions on the message. Questions related to these messages may be directed to the Benefits Office at (847) 491-7513 or email beneficiaryassistance@northwestern.edu.