2018 Employee of the Year Finalists and Winner


Pictured from left to right: 
Jill Rubin Decremer, Tracy E. Tohtz, Nicole Schneider, Chad Goeser, Jean Deven, Carole Cahill, and Trina Whittaker

2018 Winner

Congratulations to Chad Goeser, Northwestern University Atomic and Nanoscale Characterization Experimental Center (NUANCE)

2018 Finalists

Carole Cahill, Kellogg School of Management-Community Building Operations
Jill Rubin Decremer, Weinberg College of Arts & Sciences-Political Science
Jean Deven, Weinberg College of Arts & Sciences-Asian Languages and Cultures
Nicole Schneider, Weinberg College of Arts & Sciences-Mathematical Methods in the Social Sciences
Tracy E. Tohtz, Weinberg College of Arts & Sciences-Anthropology
Trina Whittaker, Facilities Management

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