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Alison Wilder

Program Manager for Executive Education, Kellogg School of Management

Alison Wilder headshot

People are proud of the University, proud to work here and it shows. I have colleagues that have quickly become close friends. I encounter simply astonishing people on a daily basis, and am always discovering something new because of the people here.”

“Before I came to Northwestern, I was at a crossroads in my professional life,” says Wilder, who knew she wanted to leave her field but had “no idea” what direction to take. After getting her foot in the door, Wilder used her new exposure to different areas to help find her career path. “Since I joined Northwestern, I've had the opportunity to explore my values and find a career that fulfills me," she says. “I started out in one department and moved to a school and have slowly taken on more responsibility.”

Northwestern's tuition benefits have helped with this exploration. Wilder completed her Bachelor's degree at Northwestern, and now works as a program manager for Kellogg School of Management's Executive Education department. 

Ultimately, Wilder says that the the number of resources provided to staff — ranging from networking events to technology — help her feel supported. “I know I can easily get help for any of my needs.” That includes taking advantage of entertainment and enrichment opportunities. Wilder attends Northwestern football games, swims at the fitness center and sees speakers on campus. Her favorite on-campus events are Northwestern theater shows. “My family has now made it an annual tradition to see WaaMu,” says Wilder. “We love seeing the creativity, work ethic and sheer talent of the students.”

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