How to Apply for Jobs

Searching for Job Openings

To search for job openings, select the appropriate internal or external applicant link on the Careers webpage.

Job search tips:

  • Use the links on the left side of the listing to filter your results by type of opening, location, or school/unit.
  • Use the Keywords box to search by Job Opening Number, Job Title, or Job Description.
  • To save an interesting job, click the "star" icon to the right of the opening or at the top of the job description.  You can return to your starred jobs by clicking the My Favorite Jobs link at the top of the page.

Creating a Login (External Applicants Only)

If you are an external applicant, you must create an ID before applying for any open jobs.  

If you have an ID from a previous job search, click the Sign In link at the top of the screen; otherwise, click New User and follow the instructions to create a User name and Password.  Be sure to enter your formal name and correct contact information; this will be used for any application you submit.

Applying for a Job

When you've identified a job to which you'd like to apply, click the Apply button at the bottom of the job description.  The job application will walk you through five steps:

  1. START. Carefully review the information in Step 1 and select the checkbox if you agree to the terms and agreements.  Click Next.
  2. PREQUALIFY.  Read and answer the question(s) in Step 2.  Click Next.
  3. RESUME.  Choose the appropriate option to Attach a Resume document, Use an Existing Resume that you used for a previous application, or Copy & Paste a Resume.  Select the button to Attach a Cover Letter if you'd like to add one.  Click Next.
  4. APPLICATION.  Complete or edit the information on the Application section; Education, Work Experience, Degrees, and Referrals are required to move forward.  Click Next.
  5. REVIEW/SUBMIT.  Review your information, and select the pencil icon to edit any portion as necessary.  When finished, click Submit Application to apply for the job.

Note: At any point during this process, you may choose to save your application and return to it later.  Simply click the Save as Draft button and then click Exit to return to the main job listing.  To finish your application at a later date, click the My Activities link from the top of the job search screen.

Other Applicant Options

View Applications/Withdraw

To view all of your draft and submitted job applications, click My Activities from the top of the job search screen.  If you wish to withdraw yourself from a job opening, click the Withdraw button and follow the prompts.

Update Your Contact Information (External Applicants Only)

To update the name, address, email, and phone number(s) associated with your application, click My Contact Information from the top of the job search screen.  Edit the appropriate information and click Save.  This will update the contact information on all of your existing applications and any future ones.

Note: This feature is available only to external applicants.  Internal applicants must edit their name with Human Resources or update their contact information in myHR.