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Wellness Champions

The Wellness Champions Committee is a group of faculty and staff members who are passionate about wellness. This group participates in monthly meetings in order to learn about, initiate and lead wellness programs within their schools and units. If you are interested in joining this committee, please contact Evelyn Cordero at or 847-467-6246.

Wellness Champions Committee

Evelyn Cordero

Wellness Coordinator, Human Resources, Benefits

Reason for joining the Wellness Committee: I believe it's important to understand how physical, financial, and emotional wellness affects our well-being. I'm excited to have the opportunity to create accessible wellness resources and programs for faculty and staff in order to contribute to their well-being.

Elizabeth Adamczyk

Operations Manager, Schaffner Library

Reason for joining the Wellness Committee: As Co-Chair of Northwestern’s Transportation Work Group and advocate for cycling on (and off) campus, I see the connection between an active lifestyle and wellness. I hope to encourage more folks to get active — especially with recreational cycling and bike commuting.

Naomi Anderson

Research Study Coordinator, Center for Healthcare Studies (IPHAM), Feinberg School of Medicine

Reason for joining the Wellness Committee:

I’m a big advocate for preventative health and medicine, and I feel like the easiest way to address prevention is through living the healthiest lifestyles we can. I’m excited to be on a committee with people that have a similar passion, in order to continue to grow myself and work to make Northwestern the best place to work possible!

Oscar Arroyo

Technology Support Specialist, Information Systems, Northwestern University School of Law

Reason for joining the Wellness Committee: I believe that fitness and mental health are very important factors in our daily lives. Working in Information Technology, I can really say that the job gets stressful and is often thankless. I look forward to opportunities to get involved with fitness and mental health opportunities. Creating opportunities for staff to socialize during a fitness or yoga class is a perfect example of how to combine mental health and give people the opportunity to get to know one another. We are Northwestern University, Go Cats!

Rhea Banks

Business Administrator, Legal Clinic, Northwestern University School of Law

Angela Baumgartner

IRB Compliance Analyst, Institutional Review Board (IRB) Office

Reason for joining the Wellness Committee: I think it’s important to maintain a positive work-life balance and healthy lifestyle, but this can be hard to do without help and motivation. That is why I wanted to help shape and spread the word about the variety of physical, emotional, and financial wellness resources available to our Northwestern community. My favorite part is that the committee helps me to motivate myself to practice wellness in all areas of my own life, which I hope inspires others to do the same.

Eric Budzynski

Associate for Religious Life & Chapel Music, Religious and Spiritual Life

Reason for joining the Wellness Committee: I am passionate about connecting our Northwestern community to mindfulness initiatives and broad spirituality programming as a way of providing compassion for one’s self and to better know, appreciate, and understand the beauty of this diverse university.I hope to create awareness around the intrinsic links of physical and emotional well-being and the importance of cultivating pathways to a life of equanimity and peace.

Francesca Bullerman

Faculty Assistant, Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law

Reason for joining the Wellness Committee: We all try to “eat healthy” and get that daily prescribed “30-minutes of physical activity”. But you know, life happens, and you forget to prioritize health and wellness. Ever since I started working at Northwestern University, it became clear to me that Northwestern wants its community to be healthy; Mind, body and soul. There is always something going on. YourLife has FREE weekly fitness classes, meditation sessions, financial strategy sessions; You name it, there’s something for everyone. I knew this was the committee for me as it allows me to promote health and wellness throughout the university and the Northwestern community. Going to a work-out class during your lunch break shouldn’t be frowned upon. It should be celebrated! Bring a friend and join us!

Belinda Clarke

Director of Alumni Engagement and Communications, Medill School of Journalism

Reason for joining the Wellness Committee: I feel strongly about the cost of health care in America and want everyone to have access to wellness services, information, and support. Plus, it’s fun!

Christine Dlugosz

Custom Program Assistant, Executive Education, Kellogg School of Management

Patty FitzGibbons

Associate Director, Kapnick Center for Institutions Program, Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences

Reason for joining the Wellness Committee: Health and wellness assist in our desire to live a full life. It is important to me, and I joined the Wellness Champions committee to further educate myself and also to be able to share the knowledge with others.

Rachel Gunn

Assistant Director, Facilities HR

Reason for joining the Wellness Committee: For a long time I’ve been passionate about health, wellness and well-being and was seeking an opportunity to find others committed to the same. However I found that despite my commitment, I was often too busy at work to step away. Joining the wellness committee was my attempt at re-focusing my commitment to myself and sharing the resources and benefits with those my department. It’s rewarding to learn when others in my department are taking advantage of the opportunities.

Mel Handy

Administrative Assistant, Graduate Medical Education, Feinberg School of Medicine

Reason for joining the Wellness Committee: I joined the Wellness Committee to get the word out to others that wellness is the number one solution to happiness in your life. Additional reasons include: meeting other like-minded employees, being able to share information with my colleagues about a healthy lifestyle, to advocate for and participate in physical activities during my daily work schedule by attending lunch time yoga classes/nutrition workshops and encouraging others to attend, as well as meeting up with Northwestern employees after work to walk/run on the lake. Happier and healthier employees help to create a positive work culture, additionally reducing stress at work can help to cut down on sick days.

Suzanne Hodges

Administrative Director, Office of Medical Education and Faculty Development, Feinberg School of Medicine

Reason for joining the Wellness Committee: Being part of the Committee is an opportunity to contribute to the NU community but also to bring back wellness-related ideas and initiatives to the Office team.  Work-life balance and employee engagement are of particular importance to me, both personally and in my University role.

Kayla Jeter

Research Study Coordinator, Center for Health Information Partnerships (IPHAM), Feinberg School of Medicine

Reason for joining the Wellness Committee: As a former collegiate athlete and collegiate coach, health and wellness has always played a large role in my everyday life. During my current time at the Center for Information Partnerships (CHiP) – housed in the IPHAM department – I’ve become aware of the importance of spreading health and wellness initiatives/educational resources amongst employees so they are able to achieve sustainable healthy lifestyles. I can speak from personal experience of the potential damages the lack of self-care can have on one’s health from years of watching my mom always “on the grind”, if you will, throughout her working career.

Kisa Kowal

Program Assistant 4, Statistics Department, Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences

Reason for joining the Wellness Committee: I joined the Wellness Champions to be a part of helping members of the NU community connect with the growing health and wellness resources available to them. As part of the Weinberg Staff Advisory Board, Patty Fitzgibbons and I have worked to bring events to build both community and health to Weinberg staff, encouraging them to get away from their desks for lunchtime breaks. Outside of Northwestern I also have a focus on health and well-being. I am a certified yoga instructor, mediator, dancer, and movement enthusiast. I am enjoying learning more about all of the wellness opportunities available at NU and can’t wait to explore them further!

Anna Kraemer

Assistant Director Career Management, Engineering Career Development, McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science

Reason for joining the Wellness Committee: I joined the committee because the integration of wellness and self-care in our daily lives is so essential. Managing personal health and career is a constant balance, and it is important to consistently re-evaluate how we can best support ourselves while we are supporting others and producing great work. Northwestern has many resources for physical, mental, and emotional health, and it is important to me to do my part in expanding awareness of these resources and normalizing self-care.

Leilani Lacson

Senior Research Study Coordinator, Medical Social Sciences, Feinberg School of Medicine

Reason for joining the Wellness Committee: I have always had strong interests in health, health education and health behavior and decided to pursue this further by enrolling in UIC’s Master’s of Public Health Program. Being a Wellness Champion allows me to continue learning, as well as provides me an opportunity to help my colleagues live a healthy lifestyle by promoting the health-related activities that Northwestern offers.

Kayla Laureano

Program Coordinator, Executive MBA Miami, Kellogg School of Management

Jennifer Leitel

Executive Assistant, Human Resources

Meg Lindsey

Concert Business Manager, Concert Management Office, Bienen School of Music

Reason for joining the Wellness Committee: I have been engaged with athletics and physical recreation since I was a child, and it has always been important to me to encourage awareness of healthy living in others. I hope this committee can foster an overall climate of wellness at NU.

Amber London

Usability Specialist, Web Communications

Reason for joining the Wellness Committee: I joined the Wellness Champions committee because I am committed to the mission of helping my office adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Lesley Lundeen

Work/Life Manager, Human Resources, Benefits

Reason for joining the Wellness Committee: Helping faculty, staff, and students successfully live a wellness-oriented life has been one of the most rewarding aspects of my work in higher education. I’ve seen firsthand how essential emotional, physical and financial well-being are to being successful and fulfilled. I'm thrilled to help support a culture of wellness here at Northwestern through my work in Work/Life and Family Resources and as a Wellness Champion! In my personal life, I’m an avid dancer, like to take walks with my family and around campus, and use an automatic break timer to remind me to get up from my desk and stretch.

Chelsea Mattson

Program Assistant 3, Campaign Team, Alumni Relations and Development

Reason for joining the Wellness Committee: I have always been interested and involved in overall wellness in my life. Moving from Florida to Chicago, and staying inside for half the year, has forced me to re-evaluate and think out of the box in creating wellness for myself. Now I want to try to connect ARD with the Northwestern campus communities in all of the wellness initiatives and programs offered!

Julia May

Lurie Tobacco Treatment Program Health Educator, Department of Preventive Medicine, Feinberg School of Medicine

Reason for joining the Wellness Committee: My decision to join the wellness committee stems from my background as a competitive dancer, fitness instructor, and pre-medical student. These experiences instilled a strong passion for the intersection of lifestyle and health outcomes. I believe that the workplace has the valuable opportunity to promote wellness in each of its employees and directly benefit their health.  I admire Northwestern’s attention to this essential matter, and I am excited to lend my support in any way that I can!

Iman Nassser

Program Assistant, Middle East and North African Studies, Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences

Reason for joining the Wellness Committee: I joined the Wellness Champions committee to motivate myself to learn about and help promote ways for a healthier lifestyle. I’ve worked at NU for more than 4 years, received the Wellness emails and have always wanted to go to the brown bag lunches and pilates classes, I finally decided to attend a fitness class this year and loved it. I think YourLife Wellness is an integral benefit for staff in helping establish a healthy work life balance.

Beth Panke

Facilities Coordinator

Reason for joining the Wellness Committee: I am an avid runner and am fascinated by not only the power of the human body, but also how a lifestyle of wellness can positively affect human beings and their interactions with others. To find an organization that had a group committed to serving that purpose – not just from a physical stand point but from a mental and emotional one as well – made me jump at the chance to be a part of it.

Viki Powers

Administrative Assistant 4, IT Administration & Finance

Reason for joining the Wellness Committee: Striving to live a healthy lifestyle does not need to involve anything fancy. I think a lot of people equate healthiness with having to buy the latest fad protein shake or joining a trendy diet program. I believe it takes only a little bit of something to go a long way and become part of someone’s lifestyle. It can be a short walk during lunch, being conscious of what one eats, or getting to that weekly Zumba class. Being physically, emotionally, and mentally healthy can and does make a difference in our lives, whether it is professional or personal.

Linda Remaker

Program Assistant, International Studies, Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences

Reason for joining the Wellness Committee: Physical and mental well-being have always been priorities for me. In my non-Northwestern life, I love running and am working towards a master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling. I love helping others figure out how to make small changes that will dramatically improve their quality of life, and I’m excited to bring these interests to the Northwestern community as a member of the Wellness Champions group.

Suzanne Rovani

Program Coordinator, School of Professional Studies

Reason for joining the Wellness Committee: I think it’s vitally important to prioritize health and wellness in the workplace. I’m excited to be a part of creating new and growing opportunities for mental, physical, and financial wellness to help Chicago campus staff achieve a healthier, more sustainable work-life balance.

Crystal Santillanes

Clinical Research Coordinator, NUCATS, Feinberg School of Medicine

Reason for joining the Wellness Committee: I started walking one day after work and really enjoyed the mental clarity achieved through my walking.  Then one day I saw the Wellness Newsletter and their Tuesday Walking Group, I thought it would be great to extend my walking to midday walking sessions.  I went to a Wellness Meeting and loved that it was an open, safe, and shared space for people who are at the beginning of their wellness journey or experienced veterans.   If you are unsure if to join or even start a Wellness journey, I would just come to a meeting.  I am sure you will love it!

Val Schoonover

Assistant Director, Career Management, Northwestern Career Advancement

Reason for joining the Wellness Committee: I’m always looking for ways to incorporate healthy habits into my everyday life- not just at home but also at work! I enjoy getting to know other people who are working towards wellness goals whether that’s with food choices and exercise, or finding time for mental health and self-care.

Abigail Shay

Associate Director, Master of Science in Information Technology Program (MSIT), McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science

Reason for joining the Wellness Committee: I believe that “wellness” is an essential part of everyday life, and I know that I can have a more productive and successful experience working at Northwestern if I invest time and energy into strategies that enhance wellness. I look forward to encouraging, receiving encouragement, and joining others who also seek healthy, more balanced lives.

Donna Wang Su

Program Administrator, Manager, Farley Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science

Reason for joining the Wellness Committee: As a strong advocate of wellness, I thought that it would be a great way to communicate and collaborate with others here at Northwestern. I’ve been at Northwestern for ten years and every year, I’m always finding out something new about Northwestern to check out. I enjoy sharing information that I’ve learned with my colleagues both on the faculty and staff side. For fun, I’m a casual runner and enjoy Pilates on top of coaching my kids’ AYSO soccer teams.

Nancy Tierney

Director, Fitness & Wellness, Athletics and Recreation

Reason for joining the Wellness Committee: As the Director, Fitness & Wellness, I’m very excited to be part of an initiative that will introduce and expand work site wellness to faculty and staff on both campuses of Northwestern University. Having the platform and opportunity to assess and design programming that best meets the needs of faculty and staff is invaluable.

Katie Williams

Program Coordinator, Office of the Provost

Nate Winquist

Research Study Assistant, Preventive Medicine, Feinberg School of Medicine

Reason for joing the Wellness Committee: I joined because it's fulfilling to know my input can possibly help impact the health of the Northwestern community.  Also, considering my background is in Community Health and Wellness, I admired the purpose of the committee.

Daniel Young

Police Sergeant, University Police Evanston Campus