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Reduced Tuition for Employees on Satellite Offices

Employees working on satellite campuses are eligible for separate, comparable tuition benefit plans. To qualify, employee must have a customary work place located more than 200 miles from Chicago.

Eligibility requirements and benefit details for Employee Reduced Satellite Tuition and Enhanced Employee Reduced Tuition.


Employee Reduced Satellite Tuition

Enhanced Employee Reduced Satellite Tuition

Plan ID



Employment Status

Full-time, benefits-eligible

Full-time, benefits-eligible, actively working and on the University payroll

Years of Service

No requirement

At least 3 years of continuous, full-time, benefits-eligible service


No requirement

Have a salary of less than $100K gross annually


90% Reduced Tuition

90% Reduced Tuition

Annual Limit


No limit


Allowable expenses 

This benefit is for undergraduate and graduate courses taken at eligible institutions outside of Northwestern. The benefit is limited to tuition only.

Eligible institutions 

Qualified institutions include accredited, FAFSA-approved colleges and universities offering course(s) that are job-related and have undergraduate or graduate  credit hours associated with each.  


For each satellite employee reduced tuition application, you will need to submit the following documentation: 

Upon approval of the application, the University will issue the benefit directly to the employee. 

The amount of the benefit granted will not exceed the amount of the corresponding benefit applied to Northwestern University tuition.