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Moving Expense Reimbursement

This page only applies if moving expense reimbursement was part of your initial offer.  Each time a reimbursement for moving expenses is processed for an employee, the department or unit must submit the Employee Moving Expense Form to Payroll. Some or all of the reimbursement might be taxable and/or reportable and required to be included on the individual’s W-2. The IRS requires this to happen in tandem with the reimbursement.


  1. Process moving reimbursement through Accounts Payable.
  2. Complete Employee Moving Expense Form with details from moving reimbursement.
  3. Submit Employee Moving Expense Form to Payroll Office for tax and reporting purposes.
  4. Notify employee.

All forms should be submitted in tandem with the reimbursement through Accounts Payable and cannot be held for the end of the year. After the department submits the Employee Moving Expense Form to Payroll, the employee should expect to see the taxable portion imputed in the next monthly paycheck as long as the form was submitted by the 15thof the month. All items reimbursed in the calendar year should be reflected on that year’s W-2; therefore, departments should make all efforts to submit all forms for the year before December 15th of that year.

This form is required for household moves and not business office or lab moves, which are business related and not taxable/reportable.