Spouse Term Life Insurance

Spouse Term Life Insurance provides the opportunity for individuals to purchase term life insurance protection for his or her spouse or partner.

Summary Plan Description PDF Document.


  • Available in $10,000 increments.
  • Cannot exceed the employee’s total basic plus supplemental election.
  • Maximum of $500,000.

Coverage at Hire or Initial Benefits Eligibility

Upon hire employees are guaranteed coverage of $30,000 regardless of health status. If a new employee wishes to elect more than $30,000 coverage for his or her spouse, they must:

  • Enroll online via myHR and submit an Evidence of Insurability PDF Document form to the Benefits Division to apply for the additional amount above the guaranteed issue amount of $30,000.

Increase Coverage

After initial eligibility employees may increase coverage up to $30,000 within 31 days of a qualifying change in family or employment status without underwriting online via myHR. Coverage amounts greater than $30,000 require underwriting.

Changes during Open Enrollment require the submission of an EOI PDF Document and approval by the sponsoring insurance company.


*Premium Rate per $1,000 of Coverage
**Please note that premiums are taken as an after-tax deduction from your paycheck.





To age 30


Age 55 through 59


Age 30 through 34


Age 60 through 64


Age 35 through 39


Age 65 through 69


Age 40 through 44


Age 70 through 74


Age 45 through 49


Age 75 through 79


Age 50 through 54


Age 80 and over