Dearborn National PPO Dental

The Dearborn National PPO is a dental plan covering comprehensive care for members.

Plan Benefits

Complete benefit information is available in the PPO Dental Highlights and the Dearborn National Booklet PDF Document.

  • $3,000 Annual Maximum Benefit
  • $50 per person annual deductible
  • Preventive Services covered at 100%
  • Emergency Services covered at 80%
  • Primary Services covered at 80%
    • Routine Fillings (amalgams and resins)
    • Endodontics
    • Periodontics
    • Oral Surgery
  • Major Services covered at 50%
  • Orthodontics covered for children through age 25. Claims must be submitted to Dearborn National in order to obtain reimbursement. For clarification and/or predetermination of the rates, please contact Dearborn National directly at (800)-573-9827

Monthly Premiums


You + spouse

You + child(ren)


Full Time





Part Time





Find a Dentist

Members may receive care from any licensed dentist, but benefits are higher if care is provided by a Dearborn National PPO network dentist.

  1. Access the Dearborn National PPO provider directory online
  2. Search by name or location

File a Claim

  1. Complete a claim form PDF Document
  2. Submit the completed form directly to Dearborn National at PO Box 23060, Belleville, IL 62223-0060