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Smart90 Rx Drug Provision

This program will apply to select long-term medications, which will now require a 90-day supply. With Smart90, you can conveniently fill these prescriptions with a 90-day supply either through home delivery from the Express Scripts Pharmacy or from any CVS, Walgreens or Duane Reade pharmacies.

You could be paying more than you need to for your medicine. Simply change to a 3-month supply for the drugs listed on the link below instead of a 1-month supply to avoid paying a higher cost.  You could save an average of 29% with 3-month supplies compared to 1-month supplies from your local pharmacy1. A convenient 3-month supply makes it easier to stay on track with your medicine.

 Express Scripts and Pharmacy Information

If your medication is part of this program, Express Scripts will be sending you information to your home address on how to enroll in Mail Order or through your local CVS or Walgreens.

What If You Do Not Switch to a 3-Month Supply

Filling a 3-month supply of your long-term medication can help you save time, money and trips to the pharmacy. If you keep filling a 1-month supply at a nonparticipating pharmacy, you could pay more. For example, if a drug costs $75, even if your copay or coinsurance is only $20, you could pay up to the full $75.


1Savings based on claims from members who moved from a 1-month supply at a retail pharmacy to a 3-month supply with home delivery from the Express Scripts Pharmacy from Jan. to Dec. 2016. Members met their plan deductible. Does not include Medicare or federal government plans. Your savings may vary based on plan design.

2Standard shipping costs are included as part of your prescription plan.