Extended Sick Time (EST)

EST helps staff minimize the financial burdens that might result from a non-work-related accident or illness.

Incidental Sick Time (IST) and Extended Sick Time (EST) Policy

Frequently Asked Questions

EST Program Benefit

  • Employees must file an EST claim and meet the following criteria before receiving the benefit:
    • absent from work due to a disability for 7 consecutive calendar days
    • eligible for the EST program based on 6 months of continuous benefits eligible service
  • Benefits are available for a period of up to 25 weeks

Enroll in EST

  • Employees are automatically enrolled in EST 6 months from their original benefits eligible hire date. No enrollment is required.

Monthly Premiums

The EST program is provided at no cost to the employee.

File an EST Claim

  1. Call The Hartford at 888-541-7283 up to 30 days in advance of a planned absence or within 5 days of the beginning of an unplanned absence.
  2. The Hartford, which serves as the Leave Administrator, reviews the claim.
  3. The Hartford will contact your physician directly to clarify or seek additional information.
  4. You will be contacted via phone and also by mail of the claim decision. If a claim is denied, follow the appeal process outlined in the letter.

Staff Claims Frequently Asked Questions