After getting married, you may need to update or change the following information:

Add your spouse to your health, dental and vision insurance:

  • Change your elections online via myHR within 31 days of your marriage. A copy of a signed marriage license is required as well as the first and last page of a 1040 tax return or proof of join ownership (e.g. bank statement, lease, deed, car note, utility bill, etc.). The documents must include both the employee and the spouse's names.
  • You cannot change the health or dental plan in which you are enrolled.
  • Insurance premiums are not prorated. Regardless of the date of marriage, you are financially responsible for the entire month of insurance premiums. These may be retroactively deducted from future paychecks.

Enroll your spouse in life insurance:

  • You may enroll in spouse life insurance with coverage up to your total basic and supplemental life insurance, not to exceed $500,000, in $10,000 increments. Complete the Evidence of Insurability PDF Document form to apply for coverage above the guaranteed issue amount of $30,000.
  • Change your life insurance beneficiaries through myHR. If your spouse is incorrectly listed as “friend”, please contact the Benefits Division before making any changes.

Change your personal information:

  • Update your home address in myHR if you have moved.
  • Change your name with Northwestern University by submitting a Personal Data Form PDF Document and providing your new social security card to the payroll office.