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Action Items & Announcements / February 2019

Complete Your Conflict of Interest Disclosure

The Conflict of Interest annual disclosure process for faculty and staff launched February 1 in eDisclosure.

We participate in this process annually to understand what outside activities faculty and staff are engaged in that may relate to their Northwestern roles and responsibilities, and to demonstrate that business decisions are made with the highest ethical standards.

Disclosures must be submitted by March 1.  

Learn about procedures for completing your disclosure. 

Recognition and Support

To Hire, or Not To Hire, That is the Question...The Cost of a Bad Hire

Hiring can be one of the most important decisions a manager makes. However, most managers will make a bad hiring decision at some point in their careers. So what is the cost of making a bad hiring decision? It is not just monetary.

Learn more about the true cost of a bad hire and some techniques you can use to make better hiring decisions.

Clarify Goals, Provide and Ask for Feedback

Performance Excellence is a year-round experience, which is most successful when both staff and supervisors engage in conversations throughout the year. Check-ins are recommended at least quarterly.

At your next 1:1 meeting:

  1. Confirm goals and priorities
  2. Share one piece of performance feedback

Learn more about Performance Conversations