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2012 Staff Conflict of Interest Questionnaire

The 2012 Staff Conflict of Interest process began May 21st when staff employees received an email containing a link to the questionnaire, which takes only a few minutes to complete. Staff employees should access FASIS Self Service now to complete the Conflict of Interest questionnaire. 


School Administrators can view outstanding questionnaires (those not completed or approved) on the Admin COI Summary By Dept page located within the Workforce Administration section of FASIS. Questions? Maureen O'Toole or (847) 467-1451.


New Absence Management Programs Coming Soon!

Northwestern University will be offering new and improved salary continuation and long-term disability (LTD) coverage effective September 1, 2012. These important changes impact all exempt and non-exempt staff. Please look next month for additional information about these programs.

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Upcoming Events

The ABC's of CPS

Noon to 2:00 p.m.,Tuesday, June 12, 2012, Lurie Center, Searle Room

Pre-Registration is required.


As a parent, you want to make the best choice for your child's academic future. Chicago has some of the finest public schools in the state, yet navigating the application and selection process for those schools can be confusing, time-consuming and at times, overwhelming.

The University Children's Center and Northwestern University's Office of Work/Life Resources invite you to attend The ABC's of CPS / Kindergarten Boot Camp Workshop featuring Christine Whitley, a Chicago Public School Consultant. Christine will provide clear, concise and up to date information to help you make informed choices for you and your family.
For Additional Information. 

Social Networking: Today's Communication Tools
June 19th Webinar, Sponsored by Perspectives 
The social media revolution has changed the ways we connect with friends, learn the latest trends and even look for a job. These tools have found their way into both our personal and professional lives-but are they for you? This seminar will help you sort out what you need to know.
To register, log in to Perspectives Online. Click the link under "upcoming online seminars."

Background Checks & DCFS Mandatory Reporting Now Being Conducted for Individuals Starting in New Staff Positions


Northwestern University is committed to employing qualified talent and providing a safe environment for all employees and students. To more closely align our processes with this commitment, the University has recently implemented two new processes for employees who are hired into open staff positions, including background checks and Department of Children & Family Services (DCFS) mandatory reporting.  


With the new background check process, individuals who have been selected as final candidates for staff positions must successfully complete a background check prior to beginning employment in their new position. Additionally, upon accepting the new position, these individuals must sign an acknowledgement of their status as a mandated reporter which indicates the employee understands that he or she is required to make a report to the Illinois DCFS Hotline whenever there is reasonable cause to believe that a child known to them in their professional or official capacity may be abused or neglected.


Both of these new processes apply to:  

  • Individuals who are new to the University in staff positions  
  • Existing staff employees who transfer or who are promoted into a new position  
  • Temporary employees

This transition is an important step in ensuring Northwestern hires the highest caliber of talent while maintaining the security of its people, property, and information. If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact your Staffing Consultant. For help in identifying your Staffing Consultant, please contact the Office of Human Resources at (847) 491-7507 (Evanston) or (312) 503-8481 (Chicago).

HR Services

Discounts Available to Northwestern Employees

It's great to be a member of the Northwestern community for many reasons, and a special one is the University's partnering with many local and regional businesses to provide discounts available to employees.


The WildCARD Advantage Discount Program, administered through University Services, provides discounts at hundreds of participating businesses in Evanston, Chicago, the surrounding suburbs, and online. Participating businesses include categories such as travel, entertainment, professional services, clothing, fitness, and much more. Anyone with a valid WildCARD or Northwestern-issued ID card is eligible to take advantage of this discount program.


Whether it's food on your mind or getting that oil change, the discount program has you covered. For additional information, including a list of participating businesses and details on how to use the discounts, visit the WildCARD Advantage home page. 

Learning & Organization Development

The Northwestern University Learning & Organization Development (L&OD) team collaborates with faculty and staff who want to develop their talent and advance their workplace outcomes, processes and engagement. L&OD provides consulting, coaching, workshops, retreats and tools for individuals, groups and organizations.


Workshop: Advance Your Communication Skills

Tuesday, July 12th & Tuesday, July 26th 

If you had the chance to reenact a conversation that didn't go as well as you intended, what would you say? How would you act or say things differently?


Whether it's a difference of opinion, strong emotions or high stakes, crucial conversations take place every day in our work. Many of the common problems that can hinder a team's success stem from conversations that are either not initiated -- or are not handled well.


To increase your skill in holding difficult conversations with your staff, peers or manager, we encourage you to consider attending the upcoming session of the Advanced Communications Skills two-day workshop on July 12 & July 26 (register).


Questions? Comments? Contact the L&OD team or call (847) 467-5081.

L&OD offers a variety of workshops and opportunities to help improve workplace performance. Check them out!


Job Families and Career Development


Job and career development is an important component to the long term success of Northwestern.


As outlined in the 2011 Northwestern Will strategic plan, the University "encourages and enables staff to contribute to the education and research missions of the University and to learn and advance in their individual careers." To that end, Human Resources has partnered with key stakeholders across the University to develop job families that serve to guide the career and professional development of staff. The job families for certain functions have been created and are available on the HR website.


Job families provide several benefits to the University:

  • Define job hierarchies that reflect a progression of roles and responsibilities throughout the career ladder within a specific function (administrative support, research technology, etc.).
  • Define associated duties, responsibilities, and education and experience requirement with each level.
  • Facilitate easier promotion/hiring processes through the use of standard pre-approved job descriptions.

The Compensation Department continues to create and implement job families in support of Northwestern Will, operational needs of the university and career growth of its staff. The performance review process is an excellent opportunity to review your career goals and the related -- through the various job families -- opportunities available at the University .


For more information about job families, please contact the Compensation Consultant that supports your area, or your manager.

FASIS Updates 

Minor Change to Exempt Staff Leave Accrual Entry

Reminder: Students and Employees Leaving the University Must Update Address in Self Service

Many employees have commented that the exempt staff / librarian leave accrual recording process in Kronos has been confusing. To simplify this process, the "My Timecard" section of Kronos has been created for exempt staff to record the use of vacation, personal, or sick time. The "My Requests" section that exempt staff previously used to record time off in Kronos is no longer available.


If exempt staff have already entered time off for the current fiscal year using the "My Requests" option in Kronos, the information will automatically be recorded on the Kronos timecard. This time is also reflected on the "Work and Absence Summary" that is found under the "My Calendar" section of Kronos.


All exempt staff leave time for Fiscal Year 2012 must be recorded and approved by September 1st, 2012. Employees may log into Kronos here if using a PC or here if using a Mac.  


For assistance, please download the Kronos Quick Reference Guide, stop by a Kronos open lab session, attend a 30-minute leave accrual demo, email the Kronos Help Desk or call (847) 467-7606. 

Work/Life Resources 

Striving for a Healthy Balance:

The Northwestern University Office of Work/Life Resources provides programs, services and consultation to enable staff and faculty to effectively balance the competing demands of work and home.


Planning Summer Child Care

Summer can be a stressful time for working parents because child care needs often change. Yet utilizing these available resources allow you to conveniently arrange for a fun, safe and educational summer for your children.


  • Nanny Share: If you are looking for personalized care, a Nanny Share may allow you to hire a highly qualified caregiver at an affordable rate. If you are interested in sharing a nanny with another NU family, you can get in touch with families in your area with compatible needs.
  • Sittercity: Looking to find a babysitter or nanny? Utilize the Sittercity membership benefit provided by Northwestern to search for child care providers in your area! Sittercity allows you to specify the needs of your family to find the ideal care taker. From wages and personal interests to transportation requirements and schedule availability, Sittercity can assist you in finding your perfect nanny.
  • Summer Camps: Check out summer camps in Evanston and Chicagoland. There are summer camps that suit a variety of ages and interests. From activities at the zoo to sports camps and technology camps, these camps offer opportunities to experience learning in a different way.
  • Volunteer Opportunities and Programs are a great way for children to be involved with the community while learning about themselves. The city of Chicago offers an abundance of volunteer opportunities for teenagers to meaningfully spend their summer days. Chicago Cares offers options to search for opportunities by age, location, schedule and interest.


Northwestern Literacy and Math Summer Camp - Enrollment Open!

June 25th - July 20th, Evanston Campus

Keep learning fun! This new camp strengthens literacy and math skills for children 8-10 years of age through science and social studies activities, real world applications, and indoor and outdoor play.

For additional information, view online or call (847) 491-5012


University Children's Center Expands: More Infant and Toddler Spaces Open!

Did you know that the University Children's Center has expanded?   We have made room for

more infants and toddlers in order to accommodate the Northwestern University downtown community. Come see our new infant classroom and indoor playground. Email Leigh Hafeman to schedule your tour today.


Breastfeeding: Making it Work


Wednesday, June 13th, 2:00 - 3:00 p.m.

A free parenting webinar sponsored by Bright Horizons

Nancy Holtzman, a maternal infant specialist and board certified lactation consultant, will offer tips on breastfeeding when you are home and away from your child. To register.


New Participants Are Welcome to Join On-Going Programs!  

Elder Caregiving Support Group
Tuesday, June 26th at Noon, Evanston Campus
If you are a caregiver for a relative or close friend, you may want to consider joining this group. These monthly brown bag sessions provide an opportunity to exchange information about care-related issues, such as legal, financial and medical questions. For additional information, contact Phyllis Ellis or 7-1460.  


Work/Life Balance Discussion Group    

Tuesday, June 19th at Noon, Evanston Campus 

For those who are looking for more balance in their work and personal lives. This group meets monthly during the lunch hour. For additional information, contact Phyllis Ellis or 7-1460.


Walking Works

On April 25th, the Benefits Division kicked off the WalkingWorks´┐Ż University Walking Challenge and more than 400 faculty and staff registered to participate in the ten-week program. Remember, the competition is based on Miles/Walked so we need everyone to record their time to win! Go to WalkingWorks to submit your time or steps.

New Staff

Matthew Glover has joined the Office of Human Resources as Communications Manager. Building on improvements such as the recent launch of the redesigned HR website, and on communications about important topics to the faculty and staff, such as the new, more valuable guide for selecting benefits, Matt will focus his efforts on overall HR communication strategy, and ensuring effective web and print content. 


Matt's contract work in HR Communications at Abbott Labs centered on advancing HR's transformation, and retrofitting several country HR web sites. He earlier managed three annual funds for the University of Chicago Medical Center. He holds a B.A. degree in Political Science from Eastern Illinois University and an M.A. in Communications from Syracuse University.