Vocational Wellness

vocational wellness


Vocational wellness is defined as gaining personal satisfaction and enrichment from one’s work, whether that be academic work while in college or a job after graduation. 

Goals for your Vocational Wellness

  • Increase your awareness of the wide variety of major/career opportunities available to you
  • Challenge societal sex role and other barriers that limit major/career choices
  • Explore your interests, skill, and values and needs and how they relate to major/career choice
  • Choose a major/career direction that reflects your values, preferences, interests and skills
  • Understand the relationship between your major/career choice and other parts of your life such as with your family, spouse/partner, leisure activities, friends.
  • Develop effective job-related skills in assertiveness, confrontation, feedback, time management, active listening, motivation, etc.
  • Understand how many people change their major in college and their career directions many times throughout their lives