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Patient Support Services FAQs

Below are frequently asked questions about using Patient Support Services and what the Patient Advocacy Coordinator can do to assist students in navigating their use of healthcare services.

What is Patient Support Services?

1.     Patient Support Services serves as an advisor for your healthcare needs. The Patient Advocacy Coordinator helps you to navigate your healthcare, understand your insurance benefits, access financial resources, and connect with specialists in the area.

I have medical bills and cannot pay them, what should I do?

Email  to set up a meeting with Elizabeth Hsu, the Patient Advocacy Coordinator, to discuss options for financial assistance.

I need to get my wisdom teeth taken out, where do I start?

Email Elizabeth Hsu at to get assistance coordinating care for any dental issues.

Where is Patient Support Services located?

Patient Support Services is located at the Health Service at 633 Emerson Street on the Evanston Campus. As you come through the front entrance into the lobby, head towards the hallway that runs past the Pharmacy to Health Service Administration in room 1.118. Patient Support Services is within the office suite in room 1.114.  Please call 847.467.6385 if needed.

How do I make an appointment?

Please email or call 847.467.6385.

What is the process to get a copy of my medical or immunization records?

Check out the page for Health Information Management Services (medical records) to request documentation on health or immunization records the Health Service may have for you.

Who are the staff in Patient Support Services?

Check out the Meet the Staff page for Patient Support Services.

I broke my glasses and need a new pair. Can you help me access vision care?

Send a email inquiry to and we can connect you with resources to consider for eye care in the local community including options for financial assistance if needed. If you are a student enrolled in the NU sponsored student health insurance plan with Aetna Student Health, you may use the Aetna Vision Discount Plan.

If I have some concerns about the quality of healthcare services I received, what are my options to communicate any issues?

We encourage you to explore the information in the Patient Rights and Responsibilities page and there is a comment form on the Give Us Feeback page.  The leadership team of the Health Service reviews all issues related to quality of healthcare service provided regardless of whether you received care at the Health Service on either campus or were referred to a local provider of healthcare services.

If you have any concerns or questions, please connect with the Patient Advocacy Coordinator via email at or calling 847.467.6385 during regular business hours Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 5 pm.