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Academic Work Missed for Medical Reasons

The final decision about how and what accommodations will be made for students missing academic work due to illness is made by the individual professor and the academic dean. The NU Health Service does not write 'excuse notes,’ but will verify that you have been seen for a medical problem if you have signed a release of information for student affairs and academic staff. Academic staff may then contact the Health Service at 847.491.2204.

The NU Health Service cannot verify a medical problem without evidence (medical records) of care provided at the time the medical problem occurred. Documentation of physician care at the time of the medical problem must be submitted to the Health Service if that care was provided outside the NU Health Service.

Students who miss class or graded assignments other than final examinations for reasons of illness or injury should:

Students who miss final examinations/projects/presentations for medical reasons:

The Health Service compiles a list of students who miss final exams for medical reasons and sends the list to all academic deans and Dean of Students Office staff after the end of the final exam period each quarter. Academic staff may confirm illness during the final examination period by calling 847.491.2204.

Please note that fabricating or falsifying information provided to the Health Service for the purpose of obtaining flexibility from a professor for class attendance or work may be considered a violation of the University’s policy on academic integrity which can be found in the Student Handbook. This action may also be considered a violation of the Student Code of Conduct policy on Misrepresentation, also found in the Student Handbook.