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Flu Vaccine Information

Why flu vaccination is especially important this year:

This academic year will have overlap of influenza with continuation of the current COVID-19 pandemic. Flu and COVID are both respiratory illnesses, and the symptoms are similar in both infections. Many students get the flu every year, and this means that many students may experience an episode of required isolation as the medical team sorts out the cause of the symptoms. In spite of significant technologic advances in testing these infections, the results may take time before a determination is made. During this interval isolation and contact tracing and quarantine of those with close contact will be required. Students can reduce the likelihood of isolation and/or quarantine by getting a flu shot.

Flu Vaccine Information

Seasonal influenza vaccines are recommended for all Northwestern University students. Living and working together in close quarters, as is typical in a university, increases the spread of influenza. The flu is unpredictable, and can affect us when we least expect it. If you or your friends get the flu, the results could be missed classes, missed work, or far worse--trips to the ER, hospitalization, and even death. Even if you are generally a healthy person, you can get sick from the flu. You can also spread the virus to others, even before showing any symptoms. The flu can lead to complications such as pneumonia and bronchitis and can make chronic health problems worse. Students with any chronic illnesses, such as asthma, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, etc. are considered to be at high risk for complications of influenza. Flu season usually begins in October and can last through May.

The few minutes it will take you to get an influenza vaccine is much shorter than the days you might have to take off from school and/or work if you get sick with the flu. By protecting yourself with an influenza vaccine, you’ll help protect your family, friends, classmates, and co-workers, too. Influenza is widespread throughout the United States and is present on campus. It is not too late to be vaccinated. Call today to schedule your influenza vaccine.

Note: Northwestern University Student Health Service cannot offer flu shots to faculty or staff.