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COVID-19 Care Changes

Our Changes Inside 633 Emerson Street

The Health Service has a new look, so be prepared to follow the signs and procedures as you enter.

COVID Testing

Effective August 6, 2020, below are the current parameters on testing for COVID:

 We will continue to test:

Service Changes

Our hours have been adjusted slightly, and much of the care can be provided  in a  telemedicine visit. Sometimes the televisit care can fully replace the need for actual in building care. Other times, the advance televisit arranges preparation for an in-building visit that enhances safety and reduces time inside our facility. It is likely that you will enjoy the advantages of our televisit platform.

Pharmacy Changes

Our Pharmacy hours have adjusted slightly, but our staff will work with you to arrange continuity and safety during the pandemic.

The Televisit

The NUHS providers rotate in several internal care clinics. All of them share assignment to our routine in-house clinic, our in-house respiratory care clinic and our televisit clinic. This allows for maximal safety for our patients and staff, since potential exposure to COVID-19 is reduced to the barest needed to provide service.

The televisit is secure, confidential, and offers the advantage of expanded time and patient convenience. It also adds safety should you need to visit in person after the televisit plans for your arrival.

Requesting Care

All care starts with a phone call to 847.491.2204. Our staff will take things from there.

Report External COVID-19 Test Results

To submit COVID test results or other lab tests that were performed external to Northwestern, go to the Risk Management web site and select the appropriate link to report results. This contributes to your compliance with the University-wide COVID testing program.