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Immunization Requirements for Non Healthcare Students

Deadline Update

Due to COVID-19, penalty deadlines will be adjusted. An email will be sent after the start of classes informing  students of the new deadline. Since most of the required vaccinations were completed in childhood, we highly recommend submitting your proof of immunizations prior to the start of classes.

Requirements for non-healthcare undergraduate, graduate, professional studies, non-degree, or professional program
Submit the Student Immunization Form and proof of immunizations to:

All forms must be submitted to the Evanston Campus Health Service at:

Northwestern University Health Service
Health Information Management Services
633 Emerson Street
Evanston, Illinois 60208

Please refer to page one of the Student Immunization Form for instructions on how to submit the form to the Health Information Management Services department.

If you have questions concerning the Student Immunization Form, immunization requirements, immunizations, or related issues, please review the Immunization Requirement Frequently Asked Questions, or call Health Information Management Services of the Evanston Campus Health Service at 847.491.2203, or send an email message to

For questions concerning the student health insurance coverage selection process, insurance requirements, insurance plan benefits, dependant coverage or related issues, please visit the Student Health Insurance Office page (phone: 847.491.3621 or email: