Patient Accounts & Financial Responsibility

Patient Accounts at Health Service - Evanston

Find out your eligibility to use healthcare services on our Who Can Use NUHS? page.

Fees for Healthcare Services

When using the Health Service - Evanston, there will be fees for certain healthcare services including laboratory tests, prescriptions, X-Ray procedures, immunizations, medical equipment/supplies, and a variety of other medical procedures and services. You may request information on the fees of any services or items from your healthcare provider at the time of your visit or the Patient Accounts Coordinator by calling 847.491.2363.

Payment Information

Payment for services provided at Health Service - Evanston is made at Patient Accounts, room 1.103, which is located just behind the front reception desk on the first floor. You may request a detailed statement from Patient Accounts when you checkout at the conclusion of your patient visit. You may submit this documentation to your health insurance carrier to be reimbursed consistent with the terms of coverage for your health insurance. Students with coverage under the NU sponsored plan with Aetna Student Health will have their charges submitted directly.

Health Insurance Claims

The Health Service does not accept assignment and cannot submit insurance claims electronically to your health insurance carrier for those students who do not have coverage under the NU sponsored health insurance plan with Aetna Student Health. Any unpaid charges will be posted to your general tuition account at Student Financial Services. The patient assumes full responsibility for the full payment of any medical expenses related to services provided by the Health Service.

Contact Us

You may contact Patient Accounts at 847.491.2363 or email Lisa Edwards (Patient Accounts Coordinator) with any questions about charges for healthcare services provided by Health Service Evanston. Students experiencing financial hardship may also connect with Patient Support Services to discuss how to manage payment for healthcare services.

If you have the Aetna Student Health insurance plan, you are responsible for the full payment of any medical expenses incurred without prior authorization and approval. The Student Health Insurance Office can provide guidance and assistance with the filing of health insurance claims. If you have any health insurance questions, please call 847.491.3621 or email