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Student Health Advisory Committee

The Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC) acts as a liaison between Northwestern students and Health Service Administration to discuss student needs, concerns and suggestions about the health and wellness programs and services provided by NUHS. SHAC activities in the past year included:

  • Participating in the NUHS Program Review process that evaluated the department's programs and services provided to Northwestern students.
  • Communicating awareness about Meningitis B and the vaccine to help prevent the disease
  • Reviewing patient satisfaction and needs assessment data to better undersSHAC members for 2018tand student perspectives on delivery of healthcare services and improve patient engagement.   

The Health Service on the Evanston Campus is currently recruiting undergraduate or graduate/professional students who wish to be considered as a member of the Student Health Advisory Committee for 2019/2020. We're especially interested in recruiting and increasing representation of students in graduate and professional programs. This is an excellent opportunity to participate in efforts to improve the quality of healthcare programs and services for the Northwestern Community. We seek several students who are currently enrolled in a degree-seeking program on the Evanston Campus and  in their first or second year of their academic program. The commitment to be a committee member will involve a monthly meeting plus the time to collaborate with other student members on any projects that may result from committee discussions. We also ask that each student member develop and connect with a group of students related to their academic program, living unit or other campus activity to periodically communicate news and announcements from the Health Service. If you are interested in being considered for this opportunity, please email Brian Druley at with a short description of why you would be interested in serving as a member of the Student Health Advisory Committee.

The NUHS staff who collaborate with the Student Health Advisory Committee include:

  • Robert Palinkas, MD - Executive Director
  • Brian Druley - Director for Administration and Information Technology
  • Jessica Ernst - Assistant Director for Administration
  • Elizabeth Hsu - Patient Advocacy Coordinator
2019/2020 Student Members 
What are our goals?
  • To successfully address student health concerns and problems
  • To help facilitate appropriate solutions
What are the ways I may submit a concern or issue?