Number of Drinks on Occasion Drank the Most

About Number of Drinks on Occasion Drank the Most

These diagrams, broken out by biological sex*, measure the highest number of drinks an individual consumed in the past 30-days of taking this survey.

Of Note:

  • These amounts are significantly higher than the average number of drinks consumed on a typical occasion.
  • Both Females and Males averaged well above the threshold for high-risk drinking levels (4 or more for Females, 5 or more for Males)
  • Compared to the average typical occasion amounts, we see a near doubling of amount consumed for both females and males
  • Seniors have the widest margin with males averaging 8.1 drinks versus females consuming 4.8 drinks on the occasion they drank the most.
Data source: Core Spring 2016, n=802

*A note as to why we use biological sex – We recognize and appreciate that not all individuals identify within these binary constructs. The purpose of using these terms is because research is based on the physiological variables specific to one’s biological sex and not related to their gender identity. Unfortunately, the research available at this time also has not focused on Intersex and Trans individuals