Number of Drinks on a Typical Occasion

About Number of Drinks on a Typical Occasion

These diagrams, broken out by biological sex*, measure the average number of drinks an individual consumes on at typical occasion. The larger a circle appears, the higher the percentage is for that amount.

Of Note:

  • More than half of Female students consume 3 or fewer drinks on average
  • While the majority of Male students consume 4 or fewer drinks on average, a significant number skew higher consuming 5, 6 or 7 drinks on average.
  • Typical drinking level for Male students appears to peak Sophomore year at 4.1 drinks, while Female drinking appears to peak in their First Year at 3.2.
Data source: Core Spring 2016, n=802

*A note as to why we use biological sex – We recognize and appreciate that not all individuals identify within these binary constructs. The purpose of using these terms is because research is based on the physiological variables specific to one’s biological sex and not related to their gender identity. Unfortunately, the research available at this time also has not focused on Intersex and Trans individuals