Tips for Selecting Recommenders

Be sure to talk with your recommenders to ensure they are willing and able to write a letter prior to adding them to your AdviseStream account. Choose wisely. A person who knows you well can write a more meaningful and detailed letter. Note that all letters in your file are sent to ALL schools.

Schools typically require two science faculty members and one non-science faculty members. (However, specific letter requirements vary so research your schools' requirements.) Additional letters may be from:

Recommenders do not have to be affiliated with Northwestern University.

Requesting a letter

Thanking recommenders

Don't forget to thank your recommenders!

Writing a letter of recommendation is hard work. During an application season, it is likely that your teachers, counselors, coaches, and supervisors will be receiving a lot of requests to write recommendation letters from students.

Take a few minutes out of your day to handwrite a thank you note to each of your recommenders. Given the fact that few students send such notes, yours will stand out. And, aside from being a polite gesture, it will be a way to express your appreciation for their time and energy.

In the long run, they will be more inclined to help you if the need arises. Not to mention the fact that your current instructors, mentors and supervisors will most likely one day be your professional colleagues as well. Begin building strong professional connections now by making a good impression.