Hazing Prevention 101: It’s Everyone’s Responsibility

Hazing Prevention 101: It’s Everyone’s Responsibility

This one-hour awareness and prevention course educates students on how to recognize, prevent and report hazing. The real-life scenarios prepare students, group members and bystanders to make informed decisions, ultimately empowering them to prevent hazing.

This training program is available for all NU student groups and organizations.

Red Watch Band

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Health Promotion and Wellness offers Northwestern students the opportunity to participate in Red Watch Band Bystander Intervention Training. Originally developed by Stonybrook University and implemented at NU in 2010, this peer led training provides the knowledge and skills necessary to identify and intervene effectively in an alcohol-related medical emergency. These trainings are led by the Wildcats Advancing Total Campus Health (WATCH) peer health edicators. Join the over 3,000 Northwestern students who have completed Red Watch Band training. Trainings require a minimum of 15 participants in order to promote dialogue and ensure a timely conclusion.

To register for a Red Watch Band Training, please complete the Participant Registration form.

For more information visit our Red Watch Band Page.

Step Up

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Step Up is a bystander intervention training program that aims to create a more engaged Northwestern community by providing students, faculty, and staff with the basic tools to safely and effectively intervene in situations where someone might be in danger.

Participants in this 90 minute training leave with an understanding of the barriers to intervention and the strategies they can take to intervene.

For more information visit our Step Up page.