The Gay and Lesbian University Union: Representing the interests of the LGBT community at Northwestern University
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GLUU: Calendar

GLUU meets for lunch the first Friday and third Thursday of every month, and you're invited! Special Summer lunch hours: Meeting on the second Thursday of June, July, and August. New members are always welcome.


Friday: An Evanston restaurant, frequently Mt. Everest. Location is determined by discussion at lunch and on the listserv.

Thursday: During the academic year, we meet at the Cohen Commons in Tech. When the Commons is closed, the decision as to location is determined by discussion at a previous lunch and on the listserv.

Summer Thursday: June 10, J.K. Sweet, 720 Clark St.; July 8, Golden Olympic, 1608 Chicago Ave.; August 12, Clarke's, 720 Clark St.; Additional lunch date! August 16, Bombay Indian Grill, 1728 Sherman Ave.

Time: 12:00pm - 1:15pm
Cost: varies depending on location

Reply to the convener for the lunch in question. Conveners send a message to the listserv several days prior to the lunch. We are looking for someone to act as convener for the Friday lunches. Please send a note to the listserv if you'd like to take on this responsibility. The current convener for the Thursday lunches is Hillary Bean.