Global Health Special Funding

The Program in Global Health Studies encourages all students to get involved with global health and international initiatives both in and outside the classroom. In hopes of facilitating student involvement with global health and internationally-minded organizations, conferences, events, speakers, and initiatives, the Program in Global Health Studies offers limited financial support.

Funding will be awarded on both an individual and student group basis, and while declared Global Health Studies majors and minors have priority, all undergraduate students are eligible to apply. We welcome applications to support presenting at and attending global health-focused conferences and events, as well as hosting events and building new global health projects and initiatives on campus.

How to apply:

To apply for funding from Global Health Studies, simply fill out the Special Funding Request Application. In the application, you will be asked about your intended use of the funding, why this event, conference, or project is important to you, and for a detailed budget. Please spend some time considering the budget, as it will be used to determine your amount of funding. If you have any questions, or need guidance filling out the application, please email Micki Burton.

Learn more:

Students have used Special Funding to present at and attend the Clinton Global Initiatives University conference, the UCLA Psychology Undergraduate Research conference, the Consortium of Universities for Global Health conference, the American Mock World Health Organization, and many others. We have provided financial support to an array of student groups, including GlobeMed, Community Health Corps, and NU UNICEF, to host events, attend conventions, and create new projects on campus. Interested in learning more about how other students have utilized Global Health Studies Special Funding? Check out these recaps on the Global Health Portal Blog!